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    RAJAR Q4 2018

    I agree it's a better marker but Radio 1 is still down year on year. 9.8 million in Q4 2017 down to 9.3 million in Q4 2018.
  2. I think she'd be great on the 10am show if Clara or Maya leave.
  3. Heart have already announced the replacement for Emma - it's Lucy from the Drive show.
  4. Red Nose Day is still 2 months away so it seems bit early for an announcement on that? I could be wrong though and they're planning a major challenge that's worth a big build up
  5. Well Scott has just said it's definitely not Big Weekend or Innuendo Bingo coming back. I'm getting nervous now that it could be what we're all dreading haha
  6. Very interesting move from Radio 1. Quite bold for them to go for big names from the commercial radio world instead of recruiting someone younger and more unknown. Rickie, Melvin and Charlie are clearly ratings winners so I'm sure the show will be a success and they'll probably be able to push the boundaries and do something very different to what they were doing on Kiss.
  7. I think you're reading into it way too much. He's only in the door 5 minutes! Realistically, he's in there at night so has probably only gotten to know the night time DJs properly so far. I've also noticed there's been a lot less of presenters appearing on other people's shows in general recently. You used to have other DJs appearing on Real or no Real with Scott or Rage Against the Answer Machine with Greg but there's much less of that now so kind of difficult for Jack to get exposure like that. I don't think he's comparable with Jordan, who is a daytime DJ and used to always be on during daytime at the weekend as well as covering early breakfast and Drive so there's much more room for crossover with the other presenters and for them to hear him. I doubt a lot of the R1 presenters are listening at 11pm so they might not have heard much of Jack yet.
  8. Mine would be: 1. Scott Mills 2. Greg James 3. Jordan North (when covering shows, not on Greatest Hits) 4. Nick Grimshaw (think his new show is bringing the best out of him) 5. Annie Mac 6. Radio 1's Chillest Show with Phil Taggart 7. Adele Roberts 8. Jack Saunders 9. Katie Thistleton (when covering on her own, not with Cel) 10. Maya Jama
  9. Exactly and she deserves more prominence than the early breakfast show usually gives her. I'd have no objection to Jordan covering Clara whatsoever but Adele is full-time and he only does one show a week usually so R1 probably feel like they have to make her the main cover. I do like getting to hear Adele during the daytimes too, she's a great presenter.
  10. To be fair, it was nothing to do with Steve Holden. If you listen back to that bulletin on 1Xtra, he was there and did the news as normal. It was the R1 outside broadcast technical team that clearly messed up the link back to the Newsbeat studio in London.
  11. It's probably the most revealing interview I've read with him (along with the Guardian one he did). Some new information - Roisin Hastie will be the new newsreader. No massive surprise, I knew it'd be her or Bela Shah as they probably wanted a woman on the team seeing as it'll be Will Foster and Chris Sawyer producing along with Greg. Presume it'll be Steffan Powell or Steve Holden replacing Chris Smith in the afternoons. Very interesting that he kind of implies the production team for his breakfast show jointly decided they wanted a whole new show and didn't want Chris Smith on it. Based on the "we're being separated" comment during the podcast, I'd imagine it was management and the new production team that decided they wanted a new direction for the show without Chris and Greg is just towing that line now. Fair play to him for giving Jordan a push. It's great to see him getting cover for Scott and doing a lot of weekend shows that are more personality-led rather than Greatest Hits but you do feel like Jordan should be getting a full-time gig in a more high profile slot. He has to be a strong contender for Scott's slot when he leaves. I do like that Jordan and Alice were the ones he singled out as the "great talent at R1". They're the two that stand out to me among the weekend presenters as well. I know there are a lot of Dev fans here but I feel like Alice should have that show on her own. Way more personality and potential on her own.
  12. What's happened with Huw Stephens, I wonder? Down to a late night Sunday night slot on R1, gone from 6Music and not covering Annie Mac anymore like he used to sometimes.
  13. Exactly, they're not comparable. Grimmy's still going to be on R1, just at a different time. Same with Greg's show ending - there was no song and dance made about it, just a look back at the best bits over the years. I'd say Grimmy's last week will be similar. Even the announcement that they were swapping was pretty low key.
  14. Greg is the last person it'll be having just been replaced as the show's presenter. I'd say Mistajam will continue to be main cover with Jordan as the back-up.
  15. I prefer the imaging Greg had - this update seems like a watered down version of the same package. I doubt Delicious Digital had any involvement in this refresh, I'd say the in-house R1 production team just updated what they got first time around.
  16. Didn't hear much of Dev and Alice but even they acknowledged how strange it is calling it "Weekend Breakfast" on a Friday when most normal people are going to work/school/college like any other weekday. For people who listened, was the format as loose as the weekend show or did it feel like a weekday breakfast show? Matt and Mollie - they do seem to genuinely get on but from the bit I heard, I wasn't that impressed. Their content seems so forced, they did a link of what music is coming up and did things like "Len Goodman's favourite song" for Seven by Catfish and the Bottlemen - I cringed. When you're so used to listening to Scott and Chris at that time on a Friday, they just seem like such a downgrade. Still listenable. Scott - not much to say, he's brilliant on the chart and sounds so at home. You could tell how much he was enjoying it. Usually don't listen to the chart and tune in for Dance Anthems but had to listen for Scott's first - he sounded great on DA too. Maya - this might be an unpopular opinion on here but I think she's brilliant. Ok technically there's still room for improvement but she has great personality and her content links were pretty good I think, much more entertaining than Clara whose show seems to revolve around "that was, this is" type of links apart from the Live Lounge. Maya's top of hour bits are good and I think there's huge potential with her, I see why Ben Cooper is pushing her into more prominent slots. Wouldn't surprise me at all to see her eventually take the 10-1 slot permanently. I was a bit confused to hear the Greatest Hits stop just after 11 - I think 3 hours is too much anyway but might make more sense to have the Greatest Hits dispersed more evenly throughout the show instead of going full-on between 10 and 11 and then basically just going back to the normal playlist for the rest of the show.
  17. Scott was sounding great - his presenting style is perfect for the chart. The new imaging is fine but it's just a refresh of a (in my opinion) better package Greg had. I like the fact they're including celebrity chats again, at least it's a bit of content amid the "that was no.21, here's no.20". Dance Anthems - so glad it's staying and Scott was sounding great on that too. One thing I wasn't a fan of was the quite awkward chat with a listener about their plans for Friday night. They should drop that I think. Overall, great start for Scott and good to have him back on Radio 1 on a Friday evening!
  18. I presume Chris will be offered the chance to move to breakfast and it will be up to him if he wants to do mornings. The new breakfast show wouldn't be the same if Chris Smith wasn't part of it. Tina has half-left Newsbeat anyway, she's hardy ever there. She has so much going on besides Newsbeat that she could afford to leave completely. And if not, it would make more sense to have a consistent newsreader on breakfast (Chris) and then have a number of people who rotate in the afternoon - Tina when she's there and Steffan Powell/ Steve Holden/ Bela Shah/ Ben Mundy or Roisin Hastie when she's not.
  19. So happy Dance Anthems is staying. Perfect way to start the weekend and Scott will be great doing it.
  20. You're so right. Just look at the reaction when Chris Moyles left R1, or Christian O'Connell left Absolute the other week - people really cared. Listeners get really invested in shows and the people on those shows. It's what makes radio so special, it's a very personal medium and you feel like you know the people involved so only natural to feel like it extends beyond a three hour radio show.
  21. Always think it's such a shame Alice doesn't do more weekday cover. I hope it's just that she isn't available rather than Radio 1 not asking her. She was Fearne Cotton's main cover but ever since Clara took over, it seems to be Adele (who's brilliant btw). Alice has always been brilliant covering the main personality shows like Scott and Greg - I wish she did it more. Alice/ Matt covering Scott and Alice/Jordan covering Greg would be pretty strong in my opinion. Sorry but Dev is just an instant turnoff when he's in for Greg. Also thought Katie Thistleton sounded great at the weekend. Hope she gets to do more cover by herself on Greatest Hits or early breakfast.
  22. Cel has never been Greg's cover. Think he did it once on a bank holiday but Dev and Jordan are now Greg's cover in that they do full weeks and normal weekdays.
  23. And Chris won't be involved in the chart. There's no mention of him at all in the press release and it's very clearly Scott's gig. The chart wouldn't work with Chris as a sidekick anyway in my opinion
  24. They wouldn't be missing their show to do that, though. Not that unusual for Scott to have an odd day off - he's probably just taking a long weekend
  25. Strange the Scott, Chris and Maya thing has been dropped so quickly but I reckon it was just a way to get the Friday audience used to her. Dev, Alice and Matt are all regular cover presenters on weekdays already.
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