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Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - First Thoughts

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I think today's caller on Yesterday's Quiz got confused and thought it was Wronguns...

New show, new thread.  It feels like Christmas eve! I'll be up at half-six tomorrow to listen, who's with me? Wonder who the guest is? (Also that's a great book I would highly recommend). 

Been seeing a few quotes on Twitter today from a speech Greg gave at some European Radio Conference. To summarise, Greg really doubling down on the whole "the listeners are more interesting than me so

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My overall review


Positives - CONTENT. Although I prefer Scott and Chris’ humour , Greg’s breakfast show now matches the content of their show (and I expect that will continue) which is amazing to have back on the flagship show.


Imaging - i love the branding! At times a little commercial, but its nice to have a refresh. I dont think those smoothly mixed  ‘coming up’ parts will last though :D




- Music - not enough new stuff, would prefer less recurrents. They got the balance of songs right, I’m just hoping that it was just Greg’s song choices and it was a one off for today.

- Ten Minute Takeover - i can’t believe this has lasted through 3 shows now. Its such a bland, nothingy feature, it NEEDS TO GO!

For a first show though it was clear it was well planned and it made me want to keep listening, even through a terrible signal on holiday. Very impressed!!

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I think this mornings shows was REALLY good. They nailed it. 

Balance between music and chat/features was spot on the type of music played fits what R1 is all about. 

You can really tell they care about this show because so much work has gone into to it to actually make it sound good. The jingles, imaging and 'highlights' and 'coming up' packages sound so smooth - this is something that I really hope stays and doesn't disappear over time with laziness. 

A little more interaction with everyone in the studio would be nice but I guess that may come when the show is not quite as busy!

Really looking forward to tomorrow now!

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