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What rocks in your life?


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Took my broken laptop back to PC world, and even though it was just out of warranty they exchanged it anyway....got a much better one as well....down side is I have to re-load all my music back on to my iphone but at least I HAVE and iPhone...that also rocks!

Sometimes here, sometimes not.

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:D Very funny clip Mark. Bit too rude to use on Scott's show though I fear.

This clip, from my far off yoof always makes me laugh. What rocks more than a dog saying 'sausages'? Loving the quiff too!:


'To disagree with three-fourths of the British public is one of the first requisites of sanity'.

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I passed my exams, I got a first in one of them which I'm really really pleased with and a 2:1 in the other which I'm also really pleased with, given how many people failed that exam.

Today I decided not to go to my 9am lecture and slept instead.

'Forget happiness I'm fine, I'll forget everything in time'

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Granite, quite a bit of granite in my life at the moment

I prefer Obsidian which is a very shiny natural volcanic glass. When obsidian breaks it fractures with a distinct conchoidal fracture. Notice in the photo to the left how it fractures. Obsidian is produced when lava cools very quickly. The lava coo ls so quickly that no crystals can form.

When people make glass they melt silica rocks like sand and quartz then cool it rapidly by placing it in water. Obsidian is produced in nature in a similar way.

Obsidian is usually black or a very dark green, but it can also be found in an almost clear form.

Ancient people throughout the world have used obsidian for arrowheads, knives, spearheads, and cutting tools of all kinds. Today obsidian is used as a scalpel by doctors in very sensitive eye operations.

Feel the rocky goodness :rolleyes: i'll get me coat


Download the Adam and Joe & Jon Richardson podcasts now!

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*is very jealous* I love Dave Gorman, his "Are You Dave Gorman?" and "Googlewhack Adventure" books are brilliant, can't wait to get hold of this new one. Sadly I wasn't able to see the More4 show, the clips they showed on the ads for it looked good though.

So save the last dance

For me my love 'cause I

I see you as an angel freshly fallen from the sky...

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