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  1. Oh, sorry. Thought you were just being mean! You're right, it is a festival. It's held across a few venues in Bristol and Nottingham. I thought Black Eyed Peas had broken up. Obviously not.
  2. I missed out a 'T'. I will be seeing them at Dot to Dot. But I think you knew that!
  3. I like Ladyhawke. Will be seeing them a Dot to Dot next month
  4. Hi Bexy. Lovely to see you again. Yup. We're fine. T STILL at work poor thing. How are things with you? Been watching The Apprentice? Who do you want to win?

  5. Hello :D How have you been?

  6. Bexy

    Hello! :) I've got a day off, turned the radio on to hear Scott's voice and felt all nostalgic, so thought I'd come back.

  7. Jono

    *Jono waves*
  8. Thanks for the messages, and for not forgetting about me! I love the cake Tim. I had birthday brownies rather than a cake, I made them and they're soooo tasty! Yummy! Hope you're all okay! xxx
  9. Hope you're having a lovely birthday Jono!
  10. Bexy

    Kelly's Book Club

    Just finished reading this which I really enjoyed. I was a little bit shocked at first though, as I wasn't expecting it to be as 'intimate' as it was. I know, I know... the title should've given me a clue! I'm thinking about getting the sequel, but it hasn't got very good reviews on Amazon.
  11. Bexy

    Sad songs!!!

    Nickelback - Far Away
  12. Hope you had a good birthday Danni!
  13. I'm going to Dot to Dot too. Going with the people I went to V with last year. We've got weekend tickets, and seeing as it's a bank holiday weekend we're gonna have a Mad Monday the day after. I can't wait!
  14. Wine + chocolate + listening again to Scott's birthday show Three days off work after one day back Seeing my Emily on Sunday
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