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  1. Thanks guys and thanks Viv for starting this. Not been on here much recently as have gotten exceptionally busy with uni and don't really get the chance to listen to Scott anymore . Still go and see him when he comes up to Dundee though and hoping he is coming back soon.
  2. Happy belated Birthday Neil. Hope it was a good one/
  3. midnight


    I was always "smart" in school and got good grades but since coming to uni I have really struggled which is why i eventually went and got tested. I am getting coloured overlays from the uni I think to help me with reading coursework and lecture notes. When typing things up in word I tend to change the background to a pale blue which i think helps. I've tried making lists which helps a little but usually as I score one thing off the list I have to add 2 more which then starts to get me down a bit lol. t does help me with coursework deadlines though I have found. Problem solving was actually my best thing in the test as I am really good with working things out I just struggle to put things into words when i have to write it down and have to reread things a lot to work out how to word it properly. I am good at solving problems verbally though. My organisational skills are pants though. Jono you commented that my spelling and grammar on here are always good - that's down to rereading and editing posts a lot and having an inbuilt spell checker on my internet browser.
  4. midnight


    Well, I've got my results back and they have confirmed I have dyslexia. When telling people this I have found people who understand it completely and are able to help me, people who don't understand it but want to find out about it and help me, and those who don't understand it and are no longer talking to me because of it. This has made me wonder what people on here know (or think) about dyslexia and the effects it has on people who have it. I personally still know very little about it and am having to try and learn more about it to understand it but as I read more about it I am discovering things I have always had that I didn't realise could be part of it eg bad timekeeping. I always just thought of dyslexia as finding it hard to read and write. what does everyone else think then?
  5. I have had problems with my flatmates (although tbh it's been mostly one of them causing the problems). However tonight the problems went further than I ever thought they could go. I have only just calmed down enough to post this and it happened at 4am. Rich(Darloboy) came over, we watched the superbowl then we gave up and went to bed about 2am. we both fell asleep then at 4am I was woken up by my bedroom light going on and a random guy I've never seen before walking into my room and approach the side of my bed. I shouted and Rich woke up and jumped up. By this point the guy was at the side of my bed, saw Rich and quickly left putting the light out so we couldn't see him. Rich waited at my door while I went and spoke to my flatmate who basically told me I was over reacting and that he had just made a mistake (OK granted my door is next to the bathroom but there is making a mistake and there is walking into a girls bedroom at 4am and going up to the bed). Rich waited at the bathroom door where the guy had went and hid(and crapped all over the toilet seat and floor) to shout at him for coming in, for the guy to laugh in his face then go back to my flatmates bedroom. She has since had a go at me and then announced she's leaving and going home for good since she was only up here to be with her friends and we (Rich and I) are making her life miserable.
  6. I'd love for Scotland to win but I think Ireland stand a good chance this year. Scotland will win the calcutta cup this year
  7. Happy birthday John hope you had a good day and got lots of lovely stuff
  8. He has also been spotted in the window at the top gear office. I dont know how to insert this picture so will just post the link. If anyone wants to post it as a picture to make it easier they are welcome to. http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=12.322317,40.253906&ie=UTF8&ll=51.514959,-0.228567&spn=0.001582,0.004914&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=51.514926,-0.228765&panoid=cRXQyRB9ywmaZVKuBSddWw&cbp=12,146.0064180401871,,2,-12.084480108548325
  9. Spoke to my mum about being tested. She is less than helpful telling me that I'm wasting the unis time being tested and am not dyslexic and just need to work harder and Ill manage and the reason i struggle with work is that I don't work hard enough or it's too hard for me. Also if I am "labelled" as dyslexic then it ruins any chance of me getting a job in the future so it would be a waste of my time continuing uni. So basically I should not be tested, drop out of uni and start living in the real world. Sometimes I wish my parents were a bit more supportive.
  10. I might be dyslexic. Some of my friends and lecturers think it might be why I struggle with uni work so much. I'm getting a test through the disability services at the uni which will hopefully tell me one way or another. Not sure if it would be a good thing to find out if I am though... would explain a lot but might change the way people act with me.
  11. Afternoon geeks. How are we all today? Have I missed much?
  12. Other photos are now up on my profile in an album called Scott at Dundee union 2010
  13. Scott was at Dundee University on Friday night and was nice enough to invite me up to the DJ booth for a quick chat and to take a couple of photos to put up on the site! He has asked me to pass on the message that he still loves us all and didn't get a chance to post a message on here over Christmas and New Year as he has been very busy but he will post a message soon. He has also been considering making a short video for us which I said I was sure would be appreciated (sorry if anyone doesn't want a video). Here are a few photos from the night (the rest will go up on my profile). For the crowd shot Scott asked everyone to give a cheers for unofficialmills.co.uk and the bottom picture shows Rich with Luke who was the DJ running things before Scott arrived. Hope you all like them.
  14. Hello Heather good to meet you.

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