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  1. They really are. I first went to the buildings on the bank holiday Monday (silly me, forgot that Scott wouldn't be on) but then I had a nice chat with one of the security guys, he told me a lot about the different DJs and said that I should just take one of each of the cards. Just all of them How do I insert pictures, should I make a blog?
  2. Sooo... Today I had the day off (except cleaning and packing my things in the morning) so I thought I might as well go into London and see if I could meet Scott Mills. After all, this might be my only chance ever to do so. So I went to the Radio1 building and was there at about 4.50. And just outside on his bike, talking to someone else, was Greg James. I didn't plan to meet him, but I did have his card in my bag (I went to the studios on the bank holiday but obviously I didn''t meet anyone so I just got all the cards instead) because I thought there was a slight possibility that I might meet him too - after all he's on just before Scott. So I had my picture taken with him and he signed my card. He was very nice, but so so tall (and I'm quite little, so I thought it was kind of funny). Anyway, I asked the security guys if Scott was on (I knew he was, but I just asked anyway) and they said yes, but he comes out every once in a while and he'd probably come out in 5 minutes, so I could just wait for him outside. I went outside and waited, and waited, and waited... And after an hour he finally came out, and I went up to him. He actually remembered me from UM when I said my name, and I told him I'd been too busy lately, so he told me to "get back on there". Anyway, I had my picture taken and he signed the card (I told him my name with the English pronounciation and he knew/remembered how to spell it). Then I told him that while I'm here I don't get to listen to Radio 1 at all, because the girls I look after listen to some other station, and he was quite "outraged" by that - he said "What are they doing?!". So all in all, he was very nice too - and very orange Such a great way to end my time in London. I have now seen and done everything I wanted. Except Madame Tussaud's, I still need to go there...
  3. Yeah, au pair in Richmond, Greater London. I actually really like London, but I'm lonely and homesick during the day, and this au pair thing just wasn't for me.
  4. I'm going home this Sunday! I can't wait!
  5. I made a mistake when I booked a plane ticket yesterday so I had to cancel it and book a new one. Yeah, I wasted 86,5£...
  6. Oh, that's fantastic. Congratulations!
  7. Nah, I just went from the bus station to the shops, haha. So it was just High Street, basically. I didn't have a map, so I didn't want to go too far away from High Street in case I got lost...
  8. Do you listen to the radio on the street or how do you find out where it is and then get there on time?
  9. Haha, so I almost met another UM member. Well, Falkirk is a bit like a city/town close to where I live in Germany. It's okay. I might have to go again, because I didn't get to see the Falkirk Wheel, and I kind of have to see it, because I'm so close to it anyway.
  10. I had the same one... What rocks in my life is I'm in Scotland, yay, and I've been to Edinburgh. Sadly, because I'm not really able to listen to the show right now, I don't know how to get tickets to the Mills shows But I've been to the Fringe, and it was amazing, and I'm going again tomorrow or Thursday.
  11. Happy Birthday Beccy, enjoy your day
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