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  1. Focusing will never help, our government are not problem solvers, they're tax raisers.
  2. Pringles are disgusting, in any flavour
  3. I think friends is amazing but i don't want there to be a film, i'm happy with the way it ended and to dig it back up now would be aimless.
  4. Once again MPs being completely oblivious of the meaning of the word 'discrimination'. "...and progress has been made to outlaw discri-ah...d-d-discrimination against you if you're black, if you're a woman, if you're lesbian or gay, if you're disabled or if you're older." I'm sure it's not just me who is offended by this sentence, typical of her to exclude "white", "man" and "young" from this speech. ...and sorry but just to add, she complains about the fact that men working full time earn more than women working half time. Well duh? She's being manipulative.
  5. SEANN

    Latitude 2008

    I was going to go, I really wanted to mainly for Sigur ros. But it's too far away, and nobody i was going with could pay for a whole weekend. Really disappointed
  6. When there's a bird in the gymnasium where you're sitting your business studies exams and it is tapping on the windows, flying around the room and being a huge distraction.
  7. I'm the middle kid and i wouldn't say i was the favourtie, i'd just say i was the least disliked. My older brother is always irritating my mum financially whereas my younger sister is just plain irritating and is always arguing with my mum. I get on the most with my parents out of the three of us.
  8. We got the same time frame from sky, but the man didn't show up until 4:30. He was here about 5 minutes, he looked at our house and said, "we can't fit a dish here". No way around the problem. So we stuck with Virgin.
  9. I have several. Full of wage slips, stuff from the bank, around £10 worth of 2p coins, and all those irritating flyers you get thrown at you at gigs. I also have a lot of foreign currency lying around.
  10. SEANN

    Derren Brown

    Don't you know!? "had it been in the old testament, Harry potter would have been put to death!" And i've just watched the negative suggestion episode on 4od. Really funny when that man looked through the hole then just...collapses, and brown just walks off casually.
  11. I have the same kinda feeling towards this thread as i do to the pete winehouse thread. I'm completely not surprised.
  12. 1. David Attenborough 2. Roger Federer 3. Dylan Moran 4. Jeremy Clarkson 5. Paul Merton I'd also say Frankie Boyle if you weren't limiting me to five
  13. Thou shalt always kill - Dan Le Sac, or possibly; "the ladies knickers and the ladies bras"
  14. SEANN

    pete winemouse

    Are we meant to be surprised?



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