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  2. This is really sad. John was really welcoming to me when I first joined this site back in 2006 and I've enjoyed his amusing updates on Facebook and seeing him getting a partner and having his two children. I feel very sad thinking about his children growing up without their dad there. RIP John.
  3. My sentiments exactly. She was on a downward spiral for a long time and had people around who loved her and wanted to help her sort her life out, but she didn't manage it. "Live fast and die young". Whereas almost a hundred totally innocent people have been killed in Norway for absolutely no reason. It shocks me that one person can hate complete strangers that much.
  4. I saw Coldplay last night, it was awesome. I only found out I'd won the tickets on Tuesday so had a struggle to find someone to go with me. My ex went with me and I told him that I was moving on and he couldn't mess me around any more, so I'm glad that's sorted, I feel better for sorting it out. I have been working so I have some money and the people I worked with weren't bastards like in my last job. Life almost seems like it might be going ok for once...
  5. Dating sites... if you don't meet anyone, you can at least get a good laugh at the strange profiles on there. I know it doesn't help much when you have a broken heart though Umm well I don't have a job any more, but that's the thing with temping, I'll hopefully get something new soon. I'm struggling a bit with insecurity about things at the moment. That and I feel like I'm going to pass out sometimes. I actually did pass out while I was in Australia, not really sure why, so the dizziness worries me when it comes on.
  6. Wow congratulations Emma and Bumbly! That's awesome news for both of you This makes me feel old because Emma I remember when you were still at school, and Bumbly first met the geek. I've not been around so much lately though. I can't believe it's 5 years since I left school actually, shortly after I joined this forum. What rocks for me is that after 18 months of not working, I'm finally back in work. I am just doing temporary data entry type stuff, but it suits me. After my last disastrous office job, I became convinced I'd never be any good for anything, so actually going to work and surviving the day feels like a massive achievement.
  7. All this talk of references and job applications... What does it mean when an old employer refuses to give a reference? I got a call on Friday from the agency I'm working for on Friday asking me if I knew why one of my past employers had said "She didn't work for me for long enough for me to feel comfortable giving her a reference". They wanted to know if I really had worked for this woman for 3 months like I said I had. I was really panicked about it. Seriously, why won't she give me a simple reference? I've been working for this agency for 3 days now and I was terrified they'd strike me off the books for having a bad past, but the guy said it's ok, it won't count against me. It's going to be a problem if I apply for any more jobs though, that she won't give me a reference. Arghhhh. Otherwise though, life is going ok. I mean my love life is non-existent, my social life is thin on the ground, but that's nothing new really.
  8. The job situation is pretty poor here, and as Viv says, if you do have a job they feel they can treat you like crap. There are loads of jobs in Australia. I think I'm going to move there because living here just makes me depressed. University isn't worth it unless you know what you want to do. I went because I didn't know what else to do but it didn't get me anywhere much, just delayed the inevitable and got me in more debt. The debt doesn't bother me though because I don't have to pay it back unless I get a proper job, which is seeming unlikely.
  9. "I know what a lion looks like" hehe Scott's all prepared then! I know how much Jono loves these kind of threads.
  10. On the page about the programme, when it talks about Scott Mills near the bottom of the page, it says "He also confronts and challenges an assortment of bigots on their homophonic attitudes" - the typo made me laugh, at a very serious subject. Anyway, I look forward to this. Yesterday's Observer Review had this featured in the TV guide with a photo, plus on the opposite page it featured Scott's radio show.
  11. Today my parents' freezer broke so I spent 2 hours defrosting it, which helped to take my mind off what day it is. But it was bloody freezing.
  12. Interesting question. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/cheap-flights there's some ideas on this page about how to get some cheap flights. Chippy has a good suggestion too. You could see if there's any air courier jobs going: http://www.ehow.com/how_2095671_job-airline-courier.html
  13. Passed my driving test first time
  14. this says it all I think.I would also like somebody to go travelling with me.
  15. "These days, I am lucky if I earn £500 a week as a writer." - that's a lot more than most people I know earn! She should try JSA at £50 a week. Boden is ridiculously overpriced as well and I can't believe she's never been to Poundland. I bet the fee they paid her for that article alone paid for a few nice Christmas presents. I guess that's what David Cameron's cabinet thinks a poor family is though, as they're all bloody millionaires.
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