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  1. What rocks? I do. Going back ro DJ at a venue I've not played in years and fucking nailing it. Everything from Mumford and sons to pendum. The crowd was eating out of the palm of my hand and loving it. All the staff asked when I was coming back. Bit of a massive ego boost for an old man. I still got it you know!
  2. ^^ This It's a nice rule of thumb these days that if I have heard of them then they will not make good guests....Professor Green for example....not a clue who he is but everyone seems to be raving about him. I say get John Craven on or Tony Hart
  3. I'd spend it on wild parties, lots of booze and lots of women....then I'd blow the rest. Although a nice tweed jacket would do me alright as well. Couple of leather elbow patches and a flat cap. Oh and I'd buy all the girls I knew a real diamond necklace.....from QVC.
  4. Hello from an even older git!! - Roy H!!

  5. /me explodes in anger like Alex Ferguson does.
  6. I'm Andy B. I am an undisclosed age as I'm really old now. Been here for a bit and I like dragging up old threads every once in a while.
  7. I won nothing. Not even the Jono award. I shall try to look pleased for all the winners whilst boiling with rage inside. Seriouy not 1 thing. Not even best looking female.
  8. It's not really anyone's fault. It's just one of those things. Sappy was well within his rights to respond however he chose. And he did so after the show was over rather than on air. It was a private conversation. If someone sent a criticism to me I would also expect to be able to respond. He should however have known better than to engage but he is only human after all. The only possible problem is the infringement of the D.P.A. Although I'm sure the been lawyers will argue that since the message was meant for N-Dubz then the been were only acting as intermediaries in that regard. Oh and I quite like N-Dubz music even if I wouldn't personally have a drink with them. And I'm really old and everything. Hello all.
  9. Funnily enough I logged on to ask this very question. Uses my Tom Tom for the first time in ages today and as soon as she started saying "At the next roundabout turn left" I screamed in the car "OMG that's the PR4L!". How cool is that!
  10. I fully endorse this event and or product. I shall however not be attendign due to prior commitments.
  11. Repent ye nonbelievers. The time of judgement is upon us!
  12. It was St George's day? Hmm who knew.
  13. The problem being that they can't dial up the size of Black Hole they want. If they create one that absorbs matter quicker than it evaporates then we are in trouble. However I've got a load of anti-matter you can have. I keep it in the shed next to the compost and customary 3 empty paint tins.
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