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  1. Oh hiii there. Long time no visiting UM. How's life, everyone?
  2. Thankyou, it feels so weird now knowing I'm not going back, arrgh! Thankyou! I still haven't properly properly celebrated as we were all at home for results day, how rubbish was that? Shall be doing it sometime soon, though Aww thankyou, I hope you're feeling a lot better, now? Thankyou! I know, time flies, doesn't it?! Congrats on getting back into work - all the more rewarding when you look at it as an achievement!
  3. Happy happy birthday! Hope you've had a superb day so far!
  4. If it's me you're referring to when you stated: "I wish people would get a grip sometimes" then I understand all of what you said above that. I actually meant it'd be nice if I, and Mike for that matter, undoubtedly after years and years of applying of OBW tickets we were able to get them seeing as it's in the county where we live. And if that means I need to "get a grip" as you so kindly put it, then so be it. Just because you don't want to go doesn't mean others don't, Viv.
  5. Mike if we don't get tickets it's a travesty!
  6. Yeah you should be able to fly, you can also get one of those Virgin trains (I think) as they'll go right through
  7. Oh what a day to be a Cumbrian!
  8. Happy birthday! Hope it's been a good one so far!
  9. Kelly is able to ignore it for she is an old-timer \o/
  10. 72/80 on a pretty difficult essay = nice shiny first for me . Still got half an essay to complete, mind!
  11. MPW! She'll love that! Happy birthday Nati, hope you have a fantastic day! Have a few glasses of vino on us! xx
  12. No I think they geniunely were! Cal especially - she's from my regional news (studios based in Manchester), so I expect those lot were happy to do it. Also Alistair Stewart from ITV, he seemed to enjoy it! It was a big milestone for the show, who wouldn't?
  13. Gee thanks . Nope, they're not. They were constructed especially in order to give the show a sense of reality. Was pretty cool!
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