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  1. He should just be sitting next to her one day, then quietly start singing Brett Domino's song.
  2. I was one of the lucky few that won tickets to go on a tour of Radio 1 for the saturday event of Access All Areas. Scott had grabbed a load of the cards with his face on, signed them and put them on the end of a desk for us to pick up on our way past, so now I have a signed card from him, which is cool. I also got to see all of the props and the actual script from The Bjorn Identity. I also saw all of their desks, including the BeckyCam desk from last year. By the way, i got the impression that that desk was in it's own little room, presuming there'd be a wall to the right of the camera. But it's actually just the corner of a really big office (the same office that had a webcam in the corner showing it all at one point). With a more general Radio 1 look upon it, they showed us some of the random crap people had sent in, including a giant chocolate sculpture of Chris Moyles' head. We went around the offices, into the live lounge and into the studios. Met a few people - Jo Whiley, Dev, Reggie Yates, Billy on security and Rachel from The Chris Moyles Show. It was a fantastic experience, so happy I was a winner.
  3. For over a year now, my text alert has been 'Oh, whats occuring?', and i think it needs a change. Suggestions? Doesn't have to be scott mills show related.
  4. So i wonder if he'll actually try to go there?
  5. What does everyone think of the newly released house photos? http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother It looks really good this year. It's like a lot more of a budget and thought has gone into it.
  6. I always have done and still strongly dislike Lady Gaga. I don't understand why everyone is going for it. :-(
  7. iPlayer Downloader is good. For finances, i use Squirrel. Other things in my dock are Adium for MSN, Tweetie for twitter, skype, spotify, netnewswire for rss feeds and transmission for torrents.
  8. equalsabracket


    I agree with what people say about it just being a big iPod Touch. The idea of having the apple-monitored app store being the only way to get apps onto it (unless you jailbreak) is always a bad thing. I do realise it means not having to hunt around the internet for apps but it also means you don't get quite a lot of decent apps just because they compete with apple ones or they break apple's terms of use when they're really not that bad. Not to mention the fact that it doesn't have multitasking and it's meant to compete with netbooks and it doesn't have a camera or countless other things. Also, netbooks cost a lot less than that. If you were going to pay that much for a computer, you wouldn't get a netbook - you'd get a laptop or a desktop so in a way it should be judged alongside those. And when judging it in that way, it's safe to say you'd be much better off spending your money on a 13-15 inch laptop or a desktop than a giant iPod Touch.
  9. He wasn't really involved then was he. I didn't hear him mention it on the radio but it just sounds like it's not a big news day and its a headline that draws attention. Nice picture though.
  10. Glad to hear from him! I hope he's right about the future of the show. And i wonder if that means there won't be an immediate replacement too?
  11. I hope Jono still has the original image of the banner so that he can: 1. Edit it to 'Unofficial Chappers' tomorrow. 2. Replace chappers' picture with whoever replaces him. Maybe he should do it big brother stylee and when he leaves, make his picture black and white with everybody elses in colour.
  12. The logo makes it look different but to be fair, that press release sounds more or less the same as the ones they have every year. And i'll still watch it.. like i do every year.
  13. The movie was great! Seen it at IMAX 3d today. It really took you into their world and the 3d wasn't used cheesily at all. Brilliant movie.
  14. I think you would notice a dramatic difference in the show if TOTDS left. He might not speak, but he still puts the show together and organises everything behind the scenes.
  15. I went onto the radio 1 website about 10 minutes ago. Glad to hear scott is hosting tonight. Is that because Reggie couldn't make it or because they wanted Scott for the christmas number 1 announcement? And does Scott know already or does he just get fed the information as the show progresses?
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