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Opinions On TOTDS Leaving ...


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What y'all think of TOTDS leaving.... ?? Every success for the future, btw.

Slightly controversial but is Scott about to go too? Am I reading more into this than just someone wanting to try new pastures??

Is my mind in overdrive..... anything seems possible @ R1 these days, however?!?

Opinions please. *

* Nice ones, Nik B !! :hahaha:

Delta Machine, Depeche Mode - buy NOW !!


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Scott's contract doesn't run out til March 2015 so you've nothing to worry about*. ;)

It's a contract at the BBC though, not at Radio 1. They could put him on weekends, on Radio 2, or do anything so long as he's still doing something. Moyles' contract hadn't ended, they dropped him.

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I agree tvguy, I tuned out of Scott's show a few years ago as it was becoming the same tedious stuff over and over, the show has gone downhill I feel since Laura left (no disrespect to the replacements).

I'm now a regular listener to Radio 2 throughout the week and enjoy the DJ's and music they play, it's not the same repetitive dirge Radio 1 churns out day in day out.

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As always, im a week behind re the news via podcasts. Dont listen to Radio 1 live anymore.

Ouch. Didn't realise The One was responsible for so much. Thought a lot might have been Scotts own work. The dismantling of Radio 1s value to me is getting very sad.

Hope they are still equipped to come up with goods. Rhianna of of films talking dirty over the microphone would be ideal.

I just typed that out loud didnt I?

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