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  1. I agree tvguy, I tuned out of Scott's show a few years ago as it was becoming the same tedious stuff over and over, the show has gone downhill I feel since Laura left (no disrespect to the replacements). I'm now a regular listener to Radio 2 throughout the week and enjoy the DJ's and music they play, it's not the same repetitive dirge Radio 1 churns out day in day out.
  2. When we had a dwarf lop we ended up putting it in a run in the garden, is that not an option?, atleast that way it will maybe save some cables!
  3. I was referring to the Application Limewire which appears in your screen grab.
  4. Not to mention she is clearly using an illegal peer 2 peer sharing program which can lead do prosecution
  5. press print screen on the keyboard, then go in to a graphics program or Paint for example and paste. Voila.
  6. It's just a screen grab as I placed the bets online.
  7. Managed to make some pocket change out the Grand National, better than nothing!
  8. I've done a lucky dip at work and pulled out Snowy Morning and Irish Raptor. Placed a few bets online for a few, since the Ladbrokes site is experiencing problems these are the two I can recall : Dont Push It E/W Comply or Die E/W
  9. Thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes. I am indeed, Monday - Friday from 9AM to 5PM , enjoy the playlist Radio 2 have and like the presenters who are on throughout the day, cant beat a bit of popmaster in the morning with Ken Bruce .
  10. Geezer7348

    Kristian Digby

    Perhaps not now seeing as Kristian is 6ft under, the original photo I thought looked similar to you John was this one posted back in the good ol' days in the ROM section.
  11. is that the clip from years ago about Glasgow uni?
  12. anybody notice when Bradley was supposedly lying dead on the ground after falling from the roof one of his fingers moved? :?:
  13. I think Chris Evans has done alright considering it was a very hard act to follow. It's brought a bit of freshness to the breakfast show on Radio 2, Ken Bruce still enjoys a bit of banter at 09:30 when Chris Evans goes off air.
  14. Bye bye job.... bye bye pokey two bed flat, hello life of luxury. Probably build a large manor on a private estate in which ofcourse I will have a chauffeur driven Mercedes Maybach
  15. Can't be me as I'm not very active on these parts any longer. Although there are a few peculiar folk around.
  16. Since others are re-introducing themselves in French/German I may aswell do it in my native tongue Awrite, mah name is neil an' am auld an' bide in perth, Scotland. Ah used tae be a regular oan UM an' originally signed up in june 2005.
  17. If the clock has moved one minute further back then surely we have 1 minute less!!! Dont Panic!!
  18. :|, cant say I have ever thought of her as girlfriend material, probably a bit on the loud side IMO.
  19. I listened to some of the show, seemed quite good and should give Moyles a run for his money. I like Radio 2 as it seems far less repetative when it comes to playing music than Radio 1, not to mention Ken Bruce does an enjoyable show from 09:30 until midday.
  20. Cant say I even bothered watching the revival as the Original with Gordon Burns was bad enough
  21. Will certainly be a change as I normally listened to Terry Wogan followed by Ken Bruce in the morning at work, hopefully Chris Evans will be as entertaining as Sir Tel.
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