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  1. How bizarre is that? I was just googling trying to find this clip, only to stumble across this thread where I asked about it two years ago and forgot. Thanks jhbodle, if you're still about
  2. Can someone help out? I'm trying to find the clip of when someone emailed in about their university faculty which had a lot of people with odd names and he phoned the department?
  3. Has anyone got clips of the hiphop florist calls to hand? The podcasts seem to have expired for these now.
  4. I'm sure it's not Jono's fault The links are often broken on the site. Not half as reliable as the Unofficial Mills sound clips. Speaking of which, I'd just like to say I'm extremely grateful to the sound team here for sorting out all the clips on demand. I don't reply to the messages saying thanks because this tends to clog up the thread and send notifications to everyone who's already replied, so I'll just here and now: Thanks guys!!
  5. That's odd, downloaded scottmillsdaily_20070710-1200_40_st.mp3 and it's the same as scottmillsdaily_20070706-1300_40_pc.mp3 which were both from Monday 9th (not the 6th or the 10th!) wern't they? Am I going mad?
  6. Has anyone got the internation flirt divert with the 'Oh Tina' guy?
  7. What's going on? I've tuned in three times this week and scott's been off each time. Has he been sacked?
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