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  1. Is there a new producer? and does anyone know what TOTDS went on to do??... x
  2. I downloaded this app!! I love it! there deffinately needs to be more Scott mills related apps on the app store!
  3. Also I wonder what scott and chris are gonna pull out the bag for beccy's last day friday...
  4. I am so sad beccy is leaving (:(( it's not going to be the same without her, I wonder if they're going to replace her with someone els or not??.... x
  5. I tried finding the "bley Friday" app... but had no luck... is it still available??
  6. Yeah he said on Thursday he also asked to do a signing in Bristol but they said no for some reason! woulda saved me travelling 5 hours if they did let him do one near Bristol! Lol hope everyone's had a great ime at the signing today!!
  7. Yeahhhh!! at the one yesterday I went to in Brent cross, it really wasn't busy at all, I got there an hour early and was the only one there when he turned up but I think that's cause it was in a random shopping centre, there was only about 9 more people that came along, which was good cause it meant after they'd got stuff signed I just stayed and chatted to him dino and Sara till he left! they were making sure everyone got pictures and Sara took them for people but that may have been because there was like not many people there.. Becca x
  8. oops i meant *Chris not christ! Do you think it will be quicker to pre-order the book than go into a store and buy it? Will it arrive on the actual release date if pre-ordered..? (I've never pre-ordered a book before...)
  9. I want it to be Sara cox, but have a feeling it may be jameela jamil :/
  10. I cant wait for this!! Going to be amazing!! And yeah I saw the picture Christ posted.. Maybe its for a tv advert or something?
  11. Yeah I reackon beccy will stay at r1 .. But her and Scott are amazing together ;(
  12. I think theyre both good! but i did actually prefere the first remix...



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