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  1. Congrats Coxy... she sounded genuinely enthusiastic about the new show when talking to Mr Chris Evans. Good luck to a great lady.
  2. Yes. By current R1 standards- too old, to be completely blunt. I should think it won't be long before we are reading a topic about him being moved on. I don't see him fitting into R2 quickly, or easily either, however. So Commercial, I guess, should be the answer... how much would it pay though?
  3. Yes. By current R1 standards- too old, to be completely blunt. I should think it won't be long before we are reading a topic about him being moved on. I don't see him fitting into R2 quickly, or easily either, however. So Commercial, I guess, should be the answer... how much would it pay though?
  4. 1. You are well rid of this chick. Sounds like a complete "player". 2. You already HAVE selling points : a. you have a job b. the discipline to attend it c. considerate of others. 3. Never sure adding alcohol is necessary. You don't need a drink to give you a personality.
  5. A. Finally a BBC employee tells it like it is !! Mr Ken Bruce, at 1045 hours on 13th August 2013, stated that Radio 1's target audience is 3 year olds. www.bbc.co.uk/radio2 to listen again !!!! B. Grimmy will NEVER possess the spark of genius Moyles had. C. I know Moyles has to try different things, but ultimately he is best suited to radio, needs to get into talks with management somewhere, and get a new Show sorted out. * * And give us deprived listeners something decent to listen to.
  6. Thank you so much. Much appreciated. Appointment is this afternoon, so hopefully will be successful. :hahaha: Just have to try and push it a bit, I think.
  7. God, I should try that one too. R2, whilst often very good, makes me feel ancient. So many of their listeners garden, and I don't garden - I just like to sit in other people's gardens. I don't know if this counts, mind you.
  8. I do too...... every week... it never has been the same. He was the only non-dumbed down DJ who spoke to listeners as though they were actually adults. Who wouldn't conform and get obsessed by 1D, etc., etc. Who did his own thing. Alas, doing your own thing is far from acceptable by R1 management these days. You need to sound like a general playground addict to get on. And that includes Mills' show. Innuendo Bingo is for kiddie winkies. Most teens I know find the station stupid. It affected my ability to listen to Scott (I find I can only listen on average one day a week - and that's not even the full Show), Grimmy is just dire...... from another point of view, I don't like Chris Evans either. I suppose I should thank R1 management for developing a love of Ken Bruce and the lovely, intelligent Jeremy Vine, but do I really want to? No. And Simon Mayo - well, I don't like him either. So this leaves me jumping about, like a loon really, from local radio, to Absolute, to Clyde, to Radio 1 - I don't know WHAT the new songs are when I switch back to Radio 1... and it is just a mess.
  9. Hope she gets her wish for a family. Very brave decision and brave lady all round.
  10. I don't normally like guests either, but did like the Chloe (Kickass person). Nice and lively and positive. 10/10. Other than that, Innuendo Bingo rattles on.... playground trash and so annoying.
  11. My neighbour is beyond annoying now. He has a new open top car, which he stands up in like the statue of liberty, waving to people. All "look at me, look at me, look at me".... Arrrgh. This is the one who, when I had to deal with the Housing Minister (and numerous other people) said he didn't have time to help, yet had the time to 1. Buy a new car 2. Join a golf club 3. Find a new job. 4. Send me texts saying we should have an affair. I think he has been talking about me to another lady nearby, as she has begun snorting at me like a pig, or generally ignoring me. Anyway, off to speak to a landlord next Wednesday about moving, so hopefully will get away from all this at some point this year.
  12. I should really try to get back into the Show. Didn't realise he was on brekkie. Should make a change from Evans. I know this is unrelated, but check this man - made out of grass, flowers and plants:-
  13. Is there a manager you could speak to, to ask him to just STOP?? Whistling always bugs me for some reason.
  14. http://youtu.be/hlJOuTipAKk - Dario G :-0
  15. Viv

    Royal Bambino

    Watch live:- http://news.sky.com/story/1117995/royal-baby-on-the-way-live-updates
  16. I.T. course is intense but have learned so much. It is amazing when you teach yourself stuff, you think you are doing well, but you actually have picked up bad habits and didn't know quicker ways of doing things !!! Next class will be advanced Excel. O god.
  17. Soz about your cat. The only drive you will have this week will be a bus, then. :hahaha: I can see where you are coming from with the public. On Thursday when I was on an afternoon out, the following happened:- 1. Two druggies get on Board. 2. Female tells the driver she had handed him £10.00 - driver tells her she put the £10.00 back into her purse. 3. Row promptly kicks off - driver tells female she will have to call the depot for the tape of her handing the money to him to be released (I NEVER realised people are actually filmed handing money to a driver - WOW). 4. She declares she has £80.00 in her handbag, so why would she be trying to con him?!! 5. Driver insists she pays again - she winds up doing so. 6. She then says to the driver - "Did you say something about how I look?!" 7. Driver denies this. Passengers are beginning to get really pissed off. 8. She goes to join her boyfriend and screams at him: "SIT UP AND LOOK AS THOUGH YOU CARE !!!!" 9. Eventually they reach their destination (thank God) - she, however, has left the bag behind her on the bus - so I guess she will now have to go to a depot?!! All these problems with just the ONE passenger.
  18. 1. My IT training starts NEXT Monday now. The "supervisor" mucked up the training dates, so I was all set for last Monday, only to find myself on my arse. 2. I approached a "careers type" place to get my C.V. re-done.... (to help with applying for another job) - looked nice and neat, then I realised the person hadn't even spelled my OWN NAME correctly. I mean, WHY would you employ someone who appears not even to be able to spell their own name?!? - have corrected this now. 3. My neighbour I had a brief "liaison" with appears to have moved his girlfriend into the building where I live ... she doesn't appear to be leaving the house, which is ODD?!? (except to randomly tell people off for making noise). She also has what appears to a "pot plant" next to the front screen of her car with a yellow flower bouncing up and down randomly?! 4. Another neighbour died, and the windows are covered in white "stuff" of some kind..... the house next door is also vacant, yet the landlord has just left everybody to gaze into that property?!!?? Other than the above, I am fine. :-)
  19. I think the Band are with Mills today..... June 12th 2013.
  20. Viv

    The Apprentice 2013

    Apprentice was a great laugh again last night for all the wrong reasons !! Whoever thought a "medieval event" would actually go down well as a team building exercise?! I feel Sugar has a soft spot for Louise (think it is her name). Even though she never thinks before she does stuff, there is a confidence level which Sugar seemed to respond to. I like her too. With a good bit of training, she would be great !!
  21. Viv

    Dan & Phil Article

    From the article: "the post-Chris Moyles revolution at Radio 1".... What the Hell is that? I don't like those two.... Christ, this is where radio is going down the pan - nobody is a proper DJ anymore.
  22. Er... it is all to clear what he is talking about, Harkinson !! :hahaha: Missed this.... was this just a joke at the time?
  23. Yeh?! Many of the listeners are STILL in the 50+ bracket are they not? So... he is hardly a success. I predict he will be replaced sooner than we think. Hopefully by someone who is a career DJ rather than getting by on celeb. connections. Once R1 finally gets savvy, realises that people of all ages would like some new music, we may see some progress. Or, in other words, get back to the good times. Actually, R1 are like a musical version of the current Government - arrogant, making decisions leading nowhere, and not having the grace / common sense to back-track.
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