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  1. Oh no, I didn't know that albeit fair enough shes not been about of late. Her voice drove me wild.
  2. That's a handy website seeing as I clearly cant get my head round podcast subscriptions when I was out of the country the last two weeks. Missing gaps filled. Ta very much.
  3. When Scott goes I go. Its going to be real sad. Scot Mills at least the podcast has been in my life for so long. As was Moyles although his podcast was only once a week.
  4. Oh dear. Spam. Suprised theres no Aniston thread. I don't wish to be a misery guts but my god that was an anti climax. I thought Scot crashing the interview was going to be when it all kicks off.
  5. I'm sure my football ignorance means perhaps one of the official BBC commentators in last nights England V Italy match is maybe a famous ex footballer but my god he had an annoying voice. Just made me appreciate Chris and Scott on Friday even more.
  6. I spent a few weeks building a garden wall earlier this year and downloaded masses of Mark and Lard shows to listen to whilst I did it. Really was a major loss to broadcasting these two going. The comedy was sensational. Course it sounded a bit weird to passers by as newsbeat of the time banged on about Concorde about to return to the skies after the Paris incident and Nelson Mandela up to this that and the other around the world but, worth it.
  7. Is there any chance the Christmas day show is anywhere to download?
  8. Seconded. I assumed it would be available as a podcast along with the rest of the week but seemingly not. Id like to have heard it.
  9. The whole thing goes back to ex Radio 1 DJs Mark and Lard. The pair were known for doing daily comedy sketches on their show (and it was much funnier to listen to rather than explain here I assure you). They created a pretend radio phone in quiz where each day Lard would pretend to be a listener phoning Mark at Radio 1 to take part in a name the celebrity quiz. Each day after many clues and a lot of comedy rambling whilst he pondered who the celebrity was, Lard would always fail to get the answer. Mark would reveal the name of that days celebrity to which there would be total silence for a few seconds before Lard at the end of the phone asked 'whooooooooooooooo?' with an upturned lilt on the word that Scott has lost really.
  10. oh blooming heck. I was rather hopeful for podcasts for last week and certainly one for Christmas day.
  11. Blimey. Im not sure I remember how to turn my radio on on my mobile for the morning commute. 1 management sure Scotts not too old for presenting the breakfast show? Dont want to tread on Grimshaws nomination for the UKs best DJ (god almighty, id love to hear nominations for UKs worst).
  12. As always, im a week behind re the news via podcasts. Dont listen to Radio 1 live anymore. Ouch. Didn't realise The One was responsible for so much. Thought a lot might have been Scotts own work. The dismantling of Radio 1s value to me is getting very sad. Hope they are still equipped to come up with goods. Rhianna of of films talking dirty over the microphone would be ideal. I just typed that out loud didnt I?
  13. Little Cutie. Hope shes ok. Nice to know shes well enough to continue working at R1 generally but bit odd it doesn't carry on with Scotts show. Must be the time of day.
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