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  1. I like that when Scott is on holiday there is now enough podcasts to keep me entertained on my commute.
  2. I wonder if grimmy chose to leave or was told to leave. I'm sad Scott didn't get it but I do love Greg's podcast, I just hope grace and Chris move with him.
  3. So glad to see its back, I was worried they were going to cancel it. My commute wouldn't be the same with out it.
  4. Does anyone know what happened to the podcast? I assumed they were off because of Big Weekend. But we still don't have a podcast this week. Sadly I don't have time to listen to 3 hours everyday. I'm still working my way though Monday's show on the radio player. I really hope they're not gone.
  5. i just saw this. TOTDS makes so many good features, with out him and beccy im worried the show will go down hill.
  6. I havent been here this year yet but i just saw this on twitter and had to come here to say how sad i am that Beccy is leaving .
  7. Can someone who has had the book let me know is their colour photographs in the book, I'm thinking of getting the kindle version, but I hate it when you end up with black and white photos.
  8. I feel I'm getting to old for Radio 1 this song is shit- Centipede by Knife Party, Scott seemed to like it though.
  9. I have no idea who he is, even after listening to the show. But he came across as a really nice person.
  10. The picture used on the website http://www.outmag.co.uk/site/images/stories/scottmills.jpg isnt very flattering at all, it could be my computer but he looks so pale and one thing Scott isnt is pale.
  11. I'm trying to not buy it yet as I have so much to read but the more I see spoilers the more I want to get the book now.
  12. I dont get why so many people think Huw shouldn't be on day time I like him. I certainly prefer him to Dev.
  13. I have hundreds of books to read, I think I might just read the kindle preview of scotts book and buy it when the price comes down a bit.
  14. A belated happy birthday from me.
  15. I wonder how many people googled the tampoon thing, I know I did.
  16. Ive not been here for a few weeks so just saw this. I will definitely buy this, im just sad he's not doing any signings up here.
  17. I also dont listen to drive time for more than about 20 minutes a week since scott moved slots.
  18. I wish people here were more welcoming. Yes our new comer is dragging up old threads but often the first thing you want to do when you first join a forum is interact with other users. I think that's all he was trying to do. Plenty people have now told him to stop bringing up old threads so i'm sure now he will stop. Maybe people needs to calm down a bit, surely we all remember being a new member just we probably had the chance to post more as the forum was busier.
  19. I really like grimmy so I hope he does well, I was hoping for him to get Drive Time when Chris left as like most people I assumed Greg would take over breakfast.
  20. It would have been better if he got to replace Greg in drive time, but still I like that they've finally moved him to a day time slot.
  21. I knew he was gay but i didn't know people knew who Scotts BF is I always thought scott was very private about his personal life. So who's his boyfriend, not that it matters, just I'm a nosey bugger.
  22. I dunno why people would be angry with Scott, but there was a muck up, producers fault probably, they played the wrong song at about 4:05pm there are 2 Xfactor songs called Hero and Heros and they played the wrong one. I was a bit confused as to why Greg didn't take over until about 4.10, not that I'm complain, the less Greg is on the better. Edit: Gotey Some Body I Used to Know was just on shows it must be masive to be this high up when its only been out a couple of month.
  23. I caught 5 mins while I was in the car today, and listened to most of yesterdays show I heard Greg on both shows so seems there getting on ok despite Radio 1 changes.
  24. Maybe she ate prawns on a sunday
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