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  1. D'you reckon they'll put up Scotts AAA interview?
  2. Has this been 100% confirmed? I couldnt see anything on newsbeat or anywhere like that :/
  3. Met Joe off of playing Scott in Scott Mills The Musical today! Been talking to him on twitter for a while now and when he announced he was gonna be in a production at one of my local theatres I decided to toddle off down there to watch him! It was brilliant. Met up with him afterwards, such a lovely guy. Sadly couldnt stay for long though as he had to say goodbye to some of the child actors whos last night it was and I had to catch the train home.
  4. Any idea why there have been no podcasts this week?
  5. An even briefer summary of Les Mis than what Sam and Chris came out with earlier: Guy steals bread, shit goes down.
  6. OMG SAM BARKS IS ON TOMORROW! I Im so excited! XD Shes such an extraordinary actress. Cant wait to hear her talk to Chris about Les Mis (I may just be a tiny bit obsessed with Les Mis)!
  7. Youre right. The soldiers do know what theyre signing up for. I intend to join the army myself once I graduate from Uni and for me it would be the greatest honour I could ever get in life, to pull on a uniform and tell people I serve my country. It may not be the best quaility show but theyre broadcasting from the middle of a warzone for gods sake? You can hardly expect it to be radio 1 standards. Youre right, the off button can be used. So I recommend that when the show is aired you use it if hearing from heroes offends your ears so much!
  8. Shut up Viv. Those soldiers are out there lying down their lives for the sake of others! Have a bit more respect. They'll be missing their families and their families will be missing them terribly too. I think its a wonderful idea and cant wait to hear it.
  9. After seeing Billy Elliot yesterday think this one of my new fav Christmas songs Was hilarious on stage, shame theres only an audio!
  10. thats awesome! Do you think you'd ever be able to make it available on android (Ive got a samsung) ? My ipod is too old for the app
  11. Scott is looking good in that photo! Love the jacket!
  12. please dont remind me about the cost. Ive just started looking at Unis and the amount of money it will cost me is starting to make me feel sick
  13. wait till you get to A level! Believe it or not youll miss controlled assessments at times! And yes, Michael Gove is a twat.
  14. Happy about Dan and Phil although I hope this doesnt mean theyre gonna stop making videos Theyre 2 of my fav youtubers and will hopefully bring in some teenage girls that radio 1 so desperately crave. Not to sure how they will handle the fangirls though. Radio 1 better prepare themselves for that!
  15. I dont blame the poor guy. Feel sorry for anyone who has to suffer both that man and that show! Its a complete slap in the face to anyone who ever actually worked their arse off for years to get into the industry.
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