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  1. Does anybody remember how it started now? It feels like such a normal thing I'll do it in conversation with my friends, but I just can't remember where it came from.
  2. Travis is now the AP for Matt Edmonson, not sure if I'd call that a promotion, unless he just wanted to cut down on his hours.
  3. I was thinking about this a couple of days ago and realistically Greg couldn't do breakfast, although he's got the talent to they wouldn't let Chris Smith stop being the face of Newsbeat for the breakfast show & he's a major part of the show.
  4. I love hearing the nerdy side of Greg, he makes some jokes that'll fly over other people's heads and make anoraks like myself chuckle, but not enough to lose the attention of the rest of the audience, which is a good trait to have. Him & Scott both do this on Real or No Real a fair bit though I've noticed, even stuff like the reference to 'It's Only Bleh Friday' on Tuesday made me smile a little.
  5. On the new breakfast opener, I feel like it's not a bad thing that they've shortened it because on the few occasions I've listened to Grimmy and heard his opening link I can't help but notice that he says nothing in it, other than the usual DJ crap "Thanks to Gemma, this is Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 doing the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, here on Radio 1". From an imaging standpoint it's edited horribly throughout, from the whoosh at the beginning trying to cover up the opening to the sharp cut 10 seconds in and the bit after the voiceover. On topic though, I can't comment on Scott because I haven't heard the live show much and I haven't heard any cock ups when I have listened, I mostly listen via the free download (download it for free).
  6. I hate the sonic logo, I'd go back to the one from the old 00s Newsbeat packages (& most generic daytime beds at the time). It just sounds a bit cheap and 2010ish to me, I think the general idea is a lot nicer though, glad they have got rid of "Listen, watch, share". The ramp into it sounds a lot slicker & it's nothing too loud and punchy, it's closer to the old packages where it's something subtle in the background. I know newsreaders shouldn't be expected to be technical geniuses but at the end of certain bulletins they have a bed to trail the main lunchtime/drive programmes but then play another stab and it sounds very clunky, replace that with a ramp and it could sound very slick.
  7. I imagine that they must have backup generators, there's no way that they'd not have a failsafe because so much of the BBC's output comes from there.
  8. Confirmation that Scott (& covers for Scott) are in 82A https://twitter.com/Chris_Stark/status/532908573219885057/photo/1 Also a previous post on a similar thread suggests that Zane is in 82A (unless it's changed, like Mills' has) http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/showthread.php?20128-Scott-Mills-Studio&p=408499&viewfull=1#post408499
  9. I didn't know about where the sound was mixed, I wondered what the extra desk was for, thanks! I suppose they could always use a side studio, there are 4 of them after all so there must be 1 free... I think you're right about Matt, however it surprises me that he comes from a side studio, because I imagine that means that one of the larger studios is used by weekend breakfast, which is hardly prime time... I'd imagine that shows like Dance Anthems & The Official Chart come from a larger studio though because they both require more preparation and production than the rest of the daytime weekend shows. Pictures with guests would help to figure out who comes from where, but the weekend shows don't seem to have guests in the studio that often (apart from Matt, who seems to get very good bookings considering the times that he's on air).
  10. You're probably right that he's in 82A now, because it seems that Innuendo Bingo has been recorded there since April, so since they managed to do it fine in the old side studio & still cover everything up in 82A that's probably the case. The only problem I have with that is wondering what happens if there's a live lounge for 1xtra in mid-mornings. I know that 82A would technically be free, but Scott has said previously he usually gets in to the studio 2 hours before (although there's less prank calls and stuff that HAS to be prepared in the studio these days so it may only be 1 hour) Any idea on other shows not listed?
  11. I got a little confused with which show comes from which studio today because in a recent video introducing iPlayer viewers to Radio 1 Greg was in his usual studio 82D, but mentioned that Fearne's show also comes from there. I know that Scott comes from 82E on his normal 1-4pm show (but seems to be creeping into 82A when doing innuendo bingo), but that confuses me a little... as I understand it, Grimmy comes from 82A (or Scott when he's covering breakfast), so does that leave 1xtra breakfast in a side studio? Just for the sake of having more nerd points I'd also be interested to know which studio Zane's show comes from if anyone knows, I think he's usually in 82C but I'm not sure, my second guess would be 82F. Also feel free to name any other shows that you know the location of! EDIT (to make it easier on the eyes): Grimmy: 82A Fearne: 82D Scott: 82A (if not, 82E) Greg: 82D Zane: 82c or 82F?
  12. Ew Fearne *shudders* I have a new found respect for her, but still dislike her shows and can't bear to listen to them.
  13. I don't like the idea of Zane having a shorter show & starting later in the day, I think he's great at what he does and he's one of the best DJs on the station (plus Ben Cooper promised they wouldn't have less specialist hours than they currently do). I think Alice Levine could do Fearne's slot, although Gemma would be alright (I don't like her personally but the management seem to want to give her a chance). Although I loved Scott on drive, I can't see him doing it again personally for a number of reasons, plus it doesn't make sense to create new teams for two hour shows when the current format works perfectly well. If they were to give Matt a week day show (which I'd love) I think this would be what Radio 1 would do: 04:00 - Gemma Cairney (or maybe someone new) 06:30 - Greg James 10:00 - Alice Levine (she seems to be covering daytime shows in the week and since she's now got a daytime show at the weekend it's possible) 13:00 - Nick Grimshaw (although I'd like to keep Scott) 16:00 - Matt Edmonson (they might put Matt on 1-4 instead but I'd prefer it this way round since Matt has more potential with more production in my opinion) The rest of the day would continue as usual... However if I was PC this is what I would do: 04:00 - Nick Grimshaw (would cover drive when Matt's away) 06:30 - Greg James 10:00 - Alice Levine 13:00 - Scott Mills (would cover breakfast when Greg's away, as is already in his contract) 16:00 - Matt Edmonson Then Zane at 7 etc etc I'd also like Aled to produce Scott again since he did good things for both Mills & Moyles on their shows, although I'm not sure if he'd take the gig.
  14. You might be right there actually, I remember they did something together, wasn't sure if it was short term or long term though. Talking of Beccy, I wonder what she's doing in the office these days..
  15. Baha I laughed at the idea of Scott doing commercial radio, there's no way he'd go back to that tripe, he's said so himself. I think so long as he can keep coming up with new ideas and making a good show every day, he'll want to renew it (assuming Radio 1 don't try and push him out). He might go to Radio 2, but I'm not sure I could see him doing that either.. I suspect that the day he leaves Radio 1 is the day he leaves radio.
  16. He was only doing the surgery (and I think he's still in the playlist meetings), this is the first show he's produced since Moyles.
  17. Sounds like Alice could be driving it during the links but Aled takes during the songs, sounds like he's slicking up the segues a bit like he used to for Scott (and Chris, although not so much). Although he may have done it before the show in dira and stuck it in automatic mode.
  18. As much as I want that to happen, they wouldn't temporarily demote Greg, they prefer to promote weekend DJs. Also they don't seem to want Scott doing drive, when he did it regularly Greg would move from 1-4 to cover it and a weekend DJ would take his slot, but now they cut the middle man and put a less experienced DJ on one of the flagship shows
  19. He definitely had IDs that Mike voiced, I've heard them when he's covered drive.
  20. I didn't hear much of it, but I agree with you that Chris didn't get a chance to say much. You're right in the sense that he's used to talking to himself, not with other people involved, but I have a feeling it's also that since Chris is on with someone else, because generally when Scott's on and talking to Chris there'll be a fair bit of content that's based around him and they speak regularly so have things they've done that day or the previous day to talk about (plus they already have a refined dynamic, whereas it's not so practiced with Matt or Dev).
  21. I think Matt Edmonson should take drive and Greg should take breakfast, or vice-versa. Alice Levine should take Fearne's show and Nick & Fearne should be moved to weekends. I don't know what they'd actually do though, there's a number of combinations they could pick from.
  22. I'm pretty sure it was the R1 Dance Radio imaging, she might've been used in some of the main Ibiza imaging though. I'm not a fan of the new stuff I've heard personally, especially the fact that there's 4 voices, I like the 1 male & 1 female combo, that's nice and simple, whereas I'm getting lost trying to figure out what's going on when there's 2 people speaking at a time and 3 voices in total during each ID. Hopefully they'll refine it, after all they've only just started using it on air, but I'm afraid I can't say I like it at the moment.
  23. It's not a radio show any more, it's a TV show. Jameela speaks in front of a screen with a radio mic, not driving the desk or anything
  24. Chris was better than Dan, he sounds like a robot. I think Chris should get his own show, he was good on his student radio the other day as well, considering he was drunk and it wasn't planned.
  25. Let me get this straight... you're meeting the boss of Radio 1 and want to show him chart numbers from his station's chart show, that he can hear any time he likes? Somehow I don't believe you..
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