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New Newsbeat jingles to launch 6 June

Ant L

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I'd love a jingle that began with a loud BOOM followed by "THIS..... IS THE F****** NEWS" ..... #justathought

And "here... is your b****** weather" .... and "If you don't like it, tune in to someone else".

:hahaha: - I should get to create jingles, and I didn't get my "audio boo" chosen either - boo - mind you, it was created in the toilet.


That made my day!

What have I got?

Bits and Bobs

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I don't mind the soundtrack, but the 'LISTEN, WATCH, SHARE' or whatever business sounds pretty lame, and in some way patronising.

That bloke speaking is annoying when he says that.

And it might be the new way of radio or whatever, but it doesn't mean we want to here it on the news jingles.

The sheep is not a creature of the air.

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1xtra just has a chav saying it instead of the agreeable VO artist from R1.

The female 1Xtra voice over and the current male voice overs and present and past DJ's of Nottingham Trent student radio station Fly FM, a station which also boasts me hosting a breakfast show ;)

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