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  1. What does that even mean?
  2. This is a creepy thread.
  3. They're not just interested in the raw figures though, they're interested in how many of a certain demographic are listening. If they're doing well in that respect, they're doing well.
  4. Why do you not think Moyles is coming back?
  5. Jugalug


    It's helpful if you post a link to your source. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-20069706
  6. Very unlikely to be owned by the BBC, it's probably on a lease, so it'll just be returned to them.
  7. No! The Royal Charter is the 'law' that decides how much money a TV licence costs. It has no direct power over the organisation in any other way. You can argue that it has an influence over it 'because' of this, but the Royal Charter does not specify any control directly.
  8. I don't think that's true at all. I had a period when I posted quite regularly, then didn't for a while. Please don't be offended when I say that I've never thought of you with the level of importance required to specifically visit this website to challenge you.
  9. Yes... but I wasn't online. I'm not sitting here refreshing the page waiting for Viv's reply. Anyway, you can of course make an argument to do with the funding, but I don't think there is any real 'control' by the government. Both the supporters of the opposition and of the governing parties regularly make claims that the BBC's coverage is biased away from them, but in truth I think the BBC is about as impartial as you can really get. Any bias is quite subtle in any case. I don't think you can say that this scheme is anything to do with the government's wishes, and I think the BBC is more ideo
  10. ...or when you say the government control the BBC. You might say I haven't given any explanation, but then neither have you.
  11. It doesn't say it will be called 'Top of the Pops' though.
  12. Sorry to burst all of your bubbles - but the Guardian article I read yesterday about this issue made no mention of him 'remaining on breakfast' until then. It simply tied him to the corporation. If they wanted, they could easily push him off to weekends, even Radio 2 or somewhere.
  13. Same. They sound pretty settled to be honest. What's with the rolling eyes, Viv - can't you stand someone having a differing opinion?
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