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  1. I remember seeing on his twitter on the night of his last show, he said that it was his last show... I quite miss his Sunday night show. used to always listen to it!
  2. YES! Great to finally see Matt get a bit more daytime cover instead of Huw.
  3. I agree the HeadCam was great today, although the DJ's seemed to be quite annoyed with it, especially Greg, he only lasted 15 mins! haha
  4. I'm sure you may already know all this but, basically In Northern Ireland there is a divide between two religious communities. One believes that it should be called just Derry the other believes it should be called Londonderry. So if it was only called one of the two options then the other group would well.... not be very happy! Which you may already have seen from the flag debate over here, the tension between the two can not be the best at some times! So the media report it as both to keep politically correct. I've tried to write this as politically neutral as possible without offending anyone. I hope this clears the whole Derry/Londonderry thing.
  5. Does anyone know the figures for Scott's show from the Q4 RAJARs
  6. If you don't know why its called both, then I can give you a quick Irish history lesson as I am from there! haha Also, great to see the Big Weekend come to Ireland! (again)
  7. I wonder if they'll bring back the Access All Areas tour competition that they had last time. Getting to see the new studios in person would be great!
  8. I've got most podcasts from the last two years (only missing a couple) If you need help I would be happy to help!
  9. The titles a bit misleading then, clearly it wasn't grimmy, it was the radio 1 staff who decide the playlist.
  10. Does anyone knows whats happening to the old studios when everyone leaves?
  11. there also is a podcast on itunes with the old ones
  12. What happened on twitter last night between Scott and Pro Green?
  13. Don't worry people, I'm 'young' and still think its a pile of s**t!
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