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    Schedule Changes

    Hello everyone Aled here, Head of Programmes at Radio 1. Thank you for all your passion for Scott, Chris and Radio 1 - the station’s success relies on fans like yourselves caring about radio and what we do and all of us at Radio 1 really appreciate it. Don't worry - I’m not planning on hanging around and cramping your style, I’m trying to get hold of Jono. I’ve used the ‘Contact us’ section but I’ve heard nothing yet, if someone on the board has his contact please ask him to email me. (It’s nothing bad!) Keep up the amazing work everyone, be as critical as you like, I’m sure Scott appreciates it. Thanks, Aled.
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    24 Hour LOLathon with Scott and Chris

    Actual LOL at Jordan and Scott just now: Jordan: oh god, they're gonna send me back to local radio - oh wait, all the jobs have gone. Scott: it's all coming from London now babes, Rock FM's not on anymore.
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    Actually I think your theory could be one that’s correct - after all Scott is already doing drive on a Friday so why not add the other four His Dance anthems has been renamed too to Party Anthems What I think will happen is there will be major changes when the new controller for Radio 1&2 is announced (has it been?) if this is Ben Cooper as predicted maybe he’ll make major changes But yes I 100% agree Scott’s show sounds fresher than ever and it’s also been really good to hear him solo as well
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    Schedule Changes

    Chris is very much Scott’s “sidekick”. The others are all “co-presenters”.
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    It's interesting actually, maybe I'm just remembering wrong but at the time, although he was controversial generally, amongst Radio 1 fans Moyles was universally popular. But as time has passed since the show ended, the collective memory of it seems to have changed and it's treated like an embarrassing relic. For me the show was the thing that made me fall in love with radio, it was everything a breakfast show should be and I think Lee has it right when he uses the word "magic" to describe what Chris created. But Toby also has a valid point when he mentions the racist and homophobic incidents, and as a huge fan of the show I'm not really sure how to reconcile the two. What is clear though is that Chris has been on a huge journey in recent years, maybe sped up by friends like Aled and Hirsty, and it's hard to believe when you hear some of the things he's come out with recently that he's the same guy who used the word "gay" in a derogatory way and constantly perved over female guests/team members. I'd expect and hope he looks back on the way he used to be and cringes - I read his book recently and whilst fascinating, it made for some pretty uncomfortable reading in parts. I guess the show has to be looked back on, like most things, as a product of its time, and appreciate the things that made it so brilliant and compelling whilst acknowledging the aspects that were problematic.
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    Scott and Chris are probaly the best thing on radio 1, they’re always funny. They are one of the best radio shows in the whole UK. Even if they leave radio 1- id follow them to wherever they go. ive been enjoying it a lot this year with the return of innuendo bingo! And ‘superfan Steve’ that’s wicked- shows how few celebs listen to R1? I seem to remember people like Olly Murs and Graham Norton used to listen back in the day! I think Scott’s 2nd LOLathon just shows how funny him and Chris are- at least there a duo that get on and doesn’t feel constructed *cough cough Matt and mollie*. Despite Scott being in his 40s he sounds more young and fresh then ever!
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    I suppose it’s a tease of what Scott’s Show like really! Bloody hell thats nostalgic!! Ah when Grimmy did nighttime, who would’ve thought they’d let him do breakfast ever!
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    Radio 1 Playlist

    For me, 10 years ago this playlist was what I was listening to when I started listening to radio 1! https://web.archive.org/web/20090109065423/http://www.bbc.co.uk:80/radio1/playlist/
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    Been seeing a few quotes on Twitter today from a speech Greg gave at some European Radio Conference. To summarise, Greg really doubling down on the whole "the listeners are more interesting than me so I make it about them" thing. Honestly, I can't say I agree. If that's the case then anyone could be doing the show - the reason Greg does it is because listeners are interested in him and his stories. He never used to do that shtick in the afternoons - it was HIS show, so I don't know where the whole modesty thing comes from. It's almost like he's embarassed to be there. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy listener's stories when they're funny and weird like on Scott's show, but not when they're the main attraction. I DO want to hear banter between presenters and stories from their own lives, that's why I listen - I've built up that relationship with the presenter over the years. I'm really sad about how little Greg's breakfast show does for me, I'd wanted him to get the gig for years and I really wanted to like the show but whenever I listen I just get fed up with how safe it is. And I used to love his afternoon show with Chris Smith. Haven't listened for months, although with local breakfast shows on Capital ending I'm not sure where I'll end up. Danny Mylo on Pulse 1 in West Yorkshire does a good show. Maybe I'll come back to Greg at some point, but for now I've gone right off.
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    24 Hour LOLathon with Scott and Chris

    In fairness her format is deliberately music based, but it sounds awful because she’s an awful radio presenter. If Scott did that format it’d sound slick and funny. Funny how not even on social media has Maya acnowlaged the Lolathon, I’m still conceived she doesn’t know it’s happening haha.
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    24 Hour LOLathon with Scott and Chris

    THIS IS WHY I LOVE RADIO. None of that dull shit that's so safe you want to cry. This rude af film quiz is something else.
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    24 Hour LOLathon with Scott and Chris

    This last hour and a half has been the best radio I think I’ve ever heard on Radio 1. It’s nice to see all the DJs being able to show their (rude) personalities. And Jordan has really really stood out tonight. A shame that’s greg won’t be on until the morning as I enjoyed him doing the rude bits last time!!
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    2020 in Dundee?

    We seem to be going over the places that One Big Weekend used to visit. But either way I'd be so pissed off if I was Radio 1 and a local newspaper had spoiled the announcement like that.
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    Lee E

    Unofficial Mills meet up????

    How about this who would like to arrange a meet for members of the site in London near NBH? like a coffee/lunch scenario and see if Scott and some of the team could come to meet us and chat for an hour or so? I thought a Friday at like 11am to meet and invite Scott Chris maybe his producer? so we could meet our hero and just say hi or is it like weird? and people say you should never meet your idol?
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    Breakfast Deps?

    I love Dev and Alice and think they’re the best on the station at the moment, but I think that’s the problem, that neither of them would probably be able to commit to a weekday slot as they’d both be off for half the time.
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    Breakfast Deps?

    I hope Matt and Mollie don’t cover again. Can’t stand them together. Would like to see Dev and Alice have a shot.
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    Who's tuned in this morning? Will be interesting to hear how they try to keep sport fans and non-sport fans interested.
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    Christian O'Connell

    Still on Google podcasts as far as I can tell: https://podcasts.google.com/?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9uZXR3b3JrLmFic29sdXRlcmFkaW8uY28udWsvY29yZS9wb2RjYXN0cy9yc3MucGhwP25hbWU9b2Nvbm5lbGw
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    Saturday sports show on Radio 1

    That's an interesting suggestion - sport is generally something you don't hear much about on Radio 1, outside of breakfast news. I wonder if it would just be too much of a risk, given that for a lot of people, sport is just a turn off. Still, I think it's something Radio 1 could do very well, particularly coverage of women's sports.
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    Newsbeat Package Thread

    Who has the news and sport beds from 2009 because Music4’s website looks dead?
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    Newsbeat Package Thread

    Ha! Probably the same two I've sent you both. Dan Mumford made this one, and he's never put any demos out there, so short of getting someone who works at R1 to leak it or asking him personally, not sure how else to get it.
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    Current Thoughts on Radio 1

    I think we are on the brink of some monumental change, be it in three years from now, or in six months. It has to happen. There’s a lot of talent, like RMC, D&A, Jordan, Arielle, that aren’t being used. They’re the people that need to break through, when the likes of Nick, Clara, Scott, and at a later point Greg, move on. That leaves the big slots in revamped, safe hands. And the next generation of talent can break through, and eventually get those big slots, hopefully quicker than people have in the past. Radio 1 has more presenters in their 40s, than 20s. And content wise, if relevant, that’s not an issue. But radio 1 need to bring the next generation through, because otherwise when these ones run out of steam, there’s nowhere to turn, and the station and it’s audience will drift older and older until the station dies off, from lack of requirement, or failure to reach the right demographic. I think we are slowly starting to see that happen, and it needs to be averted, halted, and reversed. In terms of a listen right now, the music annoys me when it repeats a lot, and it’s too music heavy, but there are some golden bits of radio, which just epitomise the “live moment” that radio is all about.
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    Lee E

    What Radio 1 Presenters do we miss?

    Towards the end he was very up his own arse but the audience liked this I think so he played up to it He doesn't seem as much like that now but at the end of the day he was out of touch with the Radio 1 audience and it needed a refresh You have to remember Scott is less than a month younger than Chris Moyles and he's still going strong becuase he is in touch and embraces the changes, like being moved slot, yes afternoons were a demotion from drive but it's given him a new lease of life which has led to him doing the chart - he is the only R1 presenter on all 5 weekdays, get's the most on air time of all (15hrs) that's one hour more a week than Greg is getting and hes now got two more hours on Sunday nights until Christmas on Radio 2 Sara Cox survived at R1 two more years than Moyles as well remember that
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    I listened to bits of it she should be on weekends instead of maya Jama
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    Origin Of Whoooing

    It started with Mark & Lard's afternoon show on Radio 1, who were on that slot from 1998 - 2004. For me they were genius but you have to have to that sense of humor to get them. Basically they used to do a multitude of 'spoof' quizzes, where Lard (Marc Riley) would go into the other studio and pretend to be some wayward maniac caller into the show to play the quiz. The 'whooooo' came from one called 'It's a Mystery'. Where there would be weird clues to guess who the celeb was, Lard on the other end of the phone would never get the answer. And when revealed (someone usually well known) there would be a few seconds silence followed by a loud 'WHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!' You can hear a clip here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LamKPIw5yGM
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    Origin Of Whoooing

    I think @DC is best placed to answer this one! STOP! ...carry on
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    Schedule Changes

    So as it's a bank holiday the rules of the percentage of new music or mainstream music that has to be played don't apply so the presenters will probably be playing the same specialist music they normally play on their own shows. They often do random things like this on bank holidays but the thing I'm most looking forward to is hearing Pete Tong introducing the Newsbeat bulletins 😂
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    Go Home with Jordan North

    I'll be the lone Grimmy fan here and say I think he gets a hard time here. He has an incredible skill of making his shows sound natural but still entertaining and that can be very difficult to pull off for many presenters. I'm a bit lukewarm on Jordan North taking over drive. He's a good presenter but having Greg on breakfast and Jordan on drive all feels too... safe, and we know radio 1 don't like to play safe. Grimmy and Greg have opposite personalities to appeal to different people in Radio 1's demographic during their flagship weekday shows (hence why you usually hear people prefer one to the other), and Greg and Jordan seem to appeal to the same type of people. I personally enjoyed Alice Levine covering on Thursday, but I don't think we'll ever see a scenario where Dev & Alice take over 4-7.
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    I have no insider knowledge, but I would assume they wouldn't bother handing over control of the network to the news just for a two minute bulletin - I would guess they just fade up the news studio during the bulletin and down again at the end, with the newsreader or maybe a tech-op pressing the buttons for the bulletin. Not sure about the 15 minute programmes though, could be different although it seems unlikely to me. But bear in mind that all news outside of breakfast is shared between 1 and 1Xtra so everything you described would be doubly complicated (and also means that network news bulletins would never come from the Radio 1 studio, including Chris Smith's old 16:30/17:00 bulletins that you mentioned). I would imagine that the presenter's role in this is to hit play on the news in jingle at xx:29:50, fade up the news studio at some point before or during the ramp, then fade down the bed after the newsreader has read the headline and hit play on the main bed with the Newsbeat ID at the start. Less technically capable presenters have struggled with this in the past - notably Maya Jama and Gemma Cairney. Then they just press play on the next song at the end of the bulletin. I remember once being told that presenters were discouraged from talking to the newsreaders afterwards in case the 1Xtra presenter had left the news studio faded up and the newsreader's half of the conversation could be heard on there. I think Greg also left the news studio faded up once during a song and little bits of the ents journo speaking could be heard over a song - think it was Sinead Garvan, or maybe even Natalie Jamieson depending on how long ago it was. So merely fading up the news studio seems more likely. I'm not sure how accurate this is, but it seems like it would make sense based on what I know and what I've heard as a listener.
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    Future of Radio 1.

    A few points here. What I would say, is Radio 1, due to its target audience, is at the forefront of attracting a new generation of listeners, and is up against the likes of streaming services, YouTubers, podcasters, and commercial radio. It’s a multi platform youth content brand/provider, with the live linear station as the bedrock of the output, the live moment, the petrol that fuels the engine. I agree, if the content was made more on target, and less safe and predictable, then they would be more successful with the target audience, and I’d imagine by the new year a weekday shakeup is imminent, not just a shifting around. Especially with the new Pop Controller coming in. Otherwise, 30 something white blokes or 40+ presenters get swapped around again and again with no change, obviously with exceptions. If there aren’t some big changes in 2020, then there’s a serious magagerial problem. My second point, one thing to remember is Radio 1 doesn’t live or die by RAJAR, and a decline in audience could be nearly older listeners deserting the station, and if you aren’t 16-24, in theory, Radio 1 doesn’t care if you listen or not. The core 3 million under 24 listeners is who they’re aiming at and broadcasting to, with 3 million weekly listeners, all 16-24, Radio 1 would be seen as succeeding.
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    Someone emailed me a link to this, and I can't not share it. A squeaky-voiced Greg James on Future Radio (a community station for Norwich) in - wait for it - 2006! Enjoy.
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    There’s no way another breakfast host will last 6-8 years after Moyles. It needs to refresh much quicker than that, Moyles staying so long left radio 1 in a tricky situation, not to mention, Greg’s breakfast era is really most likely a transitional show before the new big radio 1 DJs break through.
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    Definitely a demotion specially as Scott is chart host too Dev deserves a weekday slot IMO
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    I don’t want them to do that tbh, Scott and Chris’ current slot is a lot better than Matt and Mollie’s, think if they got moved it would seem like a demotion
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    I agree, I also thought they may have been winding down and I know it's inevitable but I certainly hope that isn't the case. It's always been a dream of mine to work on the Scott Mills show one day, but I need to get to the UK before he leaves!
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    Old shows

    Some of you may be interested in these recent uploads of Scott on early breakfast in 2001. Radio 1 at it's peak about this point for me.
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    Good to hear What's My Age Again and Game of Phones this week. It's added a bit of variety to the same old features.
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    The Scott Mills Show Discussion Thread

    They’re brilliant 😆😆.
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    The Chilean

    The whole show for international fans

    Took me a while. Now it´s working. Listening now on my phone top quality. Needed so much to listen to this first in the morning. You've made my days a lot better. Thanks a lot.
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    Hi guys. Is there a way to download the whole show -with music- outside the UK? I found this but is asking me to pay? http://goodmoodsoft.com/app/47 Any advice? Thanks in advance
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    that's a really good point.
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    Annie Mac 7-9pm weekdays for new music. People always make digs on here about Capital and the like. Maybe some don't like the music (a lot of the target demo do), maybe you don't like the high rotation (it works for their aim), maybe you don't like the quick links or style (up to you), but none of that means it isn't a very high quality product, incredibly slick, and employs very very talented people, talented in a fast paced, less obvious way than the likes of Radio 1 DJs. It's not massively my cup of tea, but it's very good at what it does.
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    From the way this is going, it feels like Greg is just a temporary host until they can find someone dynamic and different. He’s bland on Breakfast. I almost wish Grimmy had stayed on.
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    I liked it when Greg took over breakfast from Nick.. That first show was iconic. So Greg James
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    The only time Sloth was funny was when he was with Scott, so yes, agreed.
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    That was hilarious, I'd totally forgotten about that! The whole thing is on the Radio 1 Archive though: https://ia902900.us.archive.org/8/items/20160814_201808/20161025 In for Scott Mills.mp3
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    24 Hour LOLathon with Scott and Chris

    I mean that total is now over £100,000 so it's certainly jumped up considerably thanks to breakfast show listeners. Just a shame the other audiences aren't as engaged during the day and night!
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    Schedule Changes

    could not agree more. jordan should have had all three days from the start.
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    New Newsbeat jingles to launch 6 June

    I'd love a jingle that began with a loud BOOM followed by "THIS..... IS THE F****** NEWS" ..... #justathought And "here... is your b****** weather" .... and "If you don't like it, tune in to someone else". :hahaha: - I should get to create jingles, and I didn't get my "audio boo" chosen either - boo - mind you, it was created in the toilet.
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    I like it. Not the last one, the one before http://chrismoyles.net/soundvault/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=1203 had that rocky up tempo theme, whereas the last one was a bit flat. This one's much better.
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