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New Moyles jingles ready for Monday

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Music 4 is starting 2010 with a bang thanks to a number of new music commissions including the latest themes for The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1 which go live on Monday the 11th of January.Recorded at Abbey Road Studio 1 with a full orchestra and then mixed and mastered here at Music 4 Studios, this is one BIG sounding package! Check back Monday to listen to the results here at music4.com.


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Exclusive By Pete Samson, Mirror.co.uk

RADIO 1 star Chris Moyles is getting £75,000 on top of his massive salary - just for playing his own jingles. Chris, 32, picks up £630,000 a year - but has a staggering deal in which the Beeb pays out £15 each time he airs a ditty he wrote.


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BBC pay a flat fee to PRS. Whether Moyles chooses to claim money from PRS or not has no effect on how much the BBC spend.

I think since the whole fuss around it he has said (or started to then) waive the fee, but as this was something said on the show, all I can find to back me up is a post on Moyles.net (as no-one would report it as it's not something they can bash Moyles with).

BritishGaming.co.uk | SciFi.co.uk

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