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Sian Eleri


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@anothernerd I guess it around what Sian is known for more chilled music, so power down fit more to her style. You are right normal when phill did cover it was the full week. But i think it was normal a powerdown week. I guess they didn't what that for this week.

i would also add that Phil is probably has done fair bit for new music so was also able to cover it future sounds, were as i guess Sian lack that new music credentials so probably not the best person to be covering.

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On 3/26/2021 at 6:13 PM, Jono said:

Personally looking forward to Radio 1 launching a Chill Out station on BBC Sounds... I can dream ?

I think it would be better feed than the dance one would be good if chuck in few radio 3 shows if they do such a feed like Celeste and Jorja Smith Unclassifed with Elizabeth Alkar and morning after mixes on 6 Music. Think would be better if the Dance feed did Chuck on dance music from other feed or rebranded it to either Party, Club or simply Anthems so it isn’t just repeats of R1Dance playlist

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On 2/15/2021 at 11:46 PM, BBChris said:

Does anyone know if Sian Eleri runs her shows from Broadcasting House in London or is she in Wales?

It’s in London as they would’ve said otherwise and tends to post photos of her in the BBC NBH 8 F studios in London. Think would be good if the presenters were to prefer to or more convenient to do so should be able to broadcast from any BBC Radio studios in regions only broadcasting locations for Radio 1 currently are London and Salford on Sunday drive. Only exceptions have been the odd newsbeat Outside Broadcast and when presenters in pandemic are presenting from home which barely happened on radio 1 I think i assume stuff like the residency, DIPLO and essential mixes and occasionally Benji B or Pete Tong may do bits of record them from home or hotel or whether they based and play out on prerecord basis 

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