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  1. Here an update on this, which can be found here. https://radiotoday.co.uk/2020/09/no-ofcom-public-interest-test-for-radio-1-dance/
  2. It hard choice but the Scot Mils feauter writing letter to 10 year old version of them self has got to be up there, it always get me tears every time i hear it and i hope it stays. There about links that stand out for me from this year, Greg opening link on the 16th of March, the letter about that person at big weekend hull, Jordan telling his parents he going Vegan and Alice closing link last weekend all stand out to be some of the highlight that radio 1 has done this year.
  3. It done by Audio always, which also happen to be the same company in which Jordan podcast HISMB, is produced by . Also Katie lives in the Manchester area and is proud with her ties to the area and always seem keen to be staying working up in Manchester.
  4. Week starting the 29 of June. Still on the Temporary schedule, with a daily dose of Anthems between 10-11. Week starting the 6th of July, Scot covering Breakfast for 2 weeks
  5. A last minute change but Arielle free is in today for Clara
  6. for the week starting 1st June One change that I think a lot have been looking forward to Scot in the for Nick on drive all week. And next weekend is Alice weekend
  7. So today is the first day of the big weekend at home. Hopefully, it will be a good weekend of live music, and some of the best sets from Big weekend gone before. I thought I would start a thread for us all to share are the highlight of the weekend and any memories of the big weekend in the past. if anyone not seen the schedule yet, here it is.
  8. I think that intill it get back to normal, Jordan and Dev And Alice are just going to switch around. With Jordan picking the exart shows on Friday and Saturday, when it all gets back to normal. Long Term who knows what going to happen. We will all just have to wait and see.
  9. It was done as part of the student radio association annual confesses, which this year went on line. They hosted on Facebook live, which can be found at this link. https://www.facebook.com/studentradio/videos/675297656597698/ I think it was the first item, not sue how far into the video the bit is.
  10. Chris and Jacob who worked on who got Greg. Had webimair a couple of weeks ago and they explained that they use school hoilday as it means school aged listeners can follow along all day. October would work, give plenty time to plan something good. But we will have to wait and see what happens.
  11. They did get lucky, with who got Greg, which I was a big fan of. Hide and seek is always a good time which I always enjoy and I think many will sorely miss. I hope the production team at radio 1 will come up with another idea to replace it.
  12. I don't think much will change for any of the days time slots, the current schedule and line pretty much fixed now till at least till they go back to the normal schedule. I think any of the big stunts which had been planed have all now been cancelled. I don't think there will be a hide and seek this year, or any other big stunts like that.
  13. Hi All. I 've been here for a while, but only recently discovered this thread. I am currently a student of navigation and maritime science. I 've listened to radio1 for a fair while on and off for ages, but only in the last year have started listening to It as my main radio station. I 've posted and commented on a fair few posts over the last few months that I have been a member of the forums. I a huge fan of normally suspect in the terms of Greg and Scot+ Chris. The other presenter I am also a fan of Include Jordan, Arielle Free and Annie mac( best with Grimmy).
  14. Now I have had a chance to reflect on Scot and Chris time on breakfast. They did have really good two weeks covering the show. Good mix of Gregs and their own features really well-produced show. And Scot tribute to the team working on the show at the Thursday show was well placed.
  15. For the week starting the 12/04 12/04. Anthems all-day. Adele 04-07 Arielle Free 07-11 Cell Spelman 11-15 Charlie 15-19 Phill is sitting in for Annie on power down 13-16 Scot and Chirs on Breakfast covering for Greg Clara is then doing the day time slot, between 11-15 It Jordan North Weekend for the 17-19. Everything ells at the moment is all the same, but subject to change.
  16. I am looking forward to what comes from this.
  17. As others have said, Scot on breakfast is pretty good, a good mix of Greg features and his own. Bring back 24 years at the tap end was the right choices. The DJ mixes all have been pretty good, hope they carry on next week. The opening link earlier this week on day after the news about the PM was one of the best links that those two have ever delivered in the time I have been listening. Also, all the other DJ have been really good and upping their game, Grimy has definitely upped his game over the last few weeks. I have found myself listening more often to him. I also want to make it Know that Chilest show with Phill and Annie Power down are 2 of my current fav shows on radio 1 at the moment. Alongside Life Hacks one of the most underrated shows on radio 1, has come into it own in time like this, alongside the weekly podcast
  18. For the week starting on the 06/04 Scott and Chris on breakfast all week, instead of Greg. Chart and Party Anthems on Friday is with Katie and Cel. otherwise, everything ells is to the new schedule.
  19. This Friday is the start of the new Friday night dance schedule. So it will be Annie mac, Danny Howard and then pete tong.
  20. If you go with what was said on air, after there quiz, he is in next week. EDIT: also said at the end of his show that he will be in next week.
  21. BBC want all presenters to go solo or join on a audio link. Not sure how it working in terms of details. I am guessing a phone link. I know the lifehack podcast has been recorded over Skype.
  22. New beat is staying at the same time for the main bulletins.
  23. He did mention the other day his holiday has been cancelled. So he might be off at all. who knows. We will have to wait and see.
  24. This has just been published by BBC media center https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2020/radio1-coronavirus?at_custom4=6603B6F8-6EB4-11EA-80FD-84333A982C1E&at_custom3=%40bbcpress&at_custom1=[post+type]&at_medium=custom7&at_campaign=64&at_custom2=twitter it give a break down of show and how they are changing.
  25. for the rest of this week, Annie show is now 3 hours long 19-22, with RMC being in from 22-01
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