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  1. This is a good interview with Aled in music weekly. https://www.musicweek.com/interviews/read/the-september-issue-bbc-radio-1-boss-promises-strongest-month-in-station-s-history/083726
  2. It seems that this week(wc 7 June) That Arielle and Grimmy are co hosting with each other all week. With Danni and Sam in for Arielle for the week.
  3. Sam MacGregor and Danni Diston are doing a stint for early breakfast later this year i think, They covered at Chrtimass, and were fairly good, so it sort of make sense to bring them back. On Vic, unexpected. But she host a music podcast on sounds, so probably got the background and passion for music to do the show. will be interring to see how she gets on
  4. Looking at it, it seems some of the content is already on BBC sounds
  5. It a sad time, Annie will be missed. She is one of the finest dance and new music dj BBC radio 1 has. I have to say I was not expecting. Annie statement on her Twitter is an emotional read. https://twitter.com/anniemacm...tus/1384420298276016130
  6. I could see Jack been the next host of drive time show. He sounded great, he had energy, great listener interaction.
  7. I agree. There are plenty of better features that could be used.
  8. I agree on her own not fan, i would also extend this to RMC only work as trio, spilt them up they don't work or sound the same. Grimmy' is need a part of radio 1, and should stay on drive.
  9. With radio in general it was probably on my way to school, mainly radio 2. End of my Aleve, is when i stared paying more attention to radio 1. It would of been live lounge month 2016 is the first time I rember paying loads of attention to radio 1. used to listen on 3rd party app on my computer, and in the car and i player radio. WHO Then Sounds came along and it made listening so much easier.
  10. I much prefer Clara in the evening compared to in the day time.
  11. I would agree Scot is still very much revlant today. He could go on for years to come. The day he doesn't get meme, doesn't get something and become unrevleavt, is the time he needs to leave. Very much so, Age is just a number. those are still at the top of there game and attracting the audience
  12. Last year, I am pretty sure Jack had artist cover his show for week, one of them being Youngblood, If i rember he sound good.
  13. Last year, I am pretty sure Jack had artist cover his show for week, one of them being Youngblood, If i rember he sound good.
  14. Big weekend just been announced by Matt and Mollie. Virtual again, line up to follow up Here is the press release for it https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/2021/big-weekend-2021
  15. Unless they get a much better offer ells were. Which i highly doubt.
  16. I doubt it, but you never know.
  17. I've just realised that it is Chris birthday on the 12th of March. So are they going to do anything for that I wonder.
  18. I am guessing a couple of reason here. One around the specialist shows at the weekend, as you say. also around that there are probably more listener during the week, and with more listeners more chance for donations. It is only 2.75 days. when the sole record is 88 hours, I think that record is very much breakable. https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/longest-marathon-hosting-a-radio-talk-show
  19. Looking at the press releases it dose seem there is an opportunity for it to be longer than 24 hours. Since it dose start at 9am on the Thursday, with a due to end on the Friday. I am going to hazard a guess that it will carry on till the start of the Chart on the Friday. I am also glad it seems that pretty much ever presenters is going to be involved, I am guessing there is going to be a lot of zoom, so also a lot of zoom failures are going to happen I guess in the middle of the night.
  20. It should be good. I am also looking forward to it, it is going to make some good radio
  21. Seems that the start of the warmup and then the main events is 11-12 March with a 24 hour show.
  22. So it is LOLathlon again. Here we go
  23. In the words of Greg. "Fun plans". I think most likely to be lolthon
  24. In the words of Greg. "Fun plans". I think most likely to be lolthon
  25. Studio restrictions are probably one of the biggest difficulties at the moment. There are some good suggestions here. Greg On sabbatical maybe, he been doing it for 2 year, it probably a good time. Scot Chris would be a good temporary host of the show. I would guess that Jordan would then take what is now Scot and Chris show. Lolathon, or longest show, i think this is the most likely think. Scot Departure, surely he would do this on his own show. big weekend, or similar. was my first thought. I was thinking end of summer, when hopefully the world is back to normal. hide and seek, very much doubt at this stage. October half term I would guess would be the best time. but if they did do it now this would be a good idea. Vacation roadshow. Maybe. But I think if this was going to happen it would guess it would happen when vaccine are being given to people more within the target audience for radio 1
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