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Hi everyone! My name is Isaac and I’m currently a Computer Science student. I am also a massive radio geek as well – I’ve been listening to Radio 1 now for 6 years and to The Official Chart for

Fresher here (also an international listener)! I love this website and all the job you guys do with the archive. Keep going! 

Hi should have introduced myself. I am Lee, from Sussex. Radio enthusiast, mage geek, and very keen listener to R1 daytimes, fan of Scott's show and admire his career, as well as other R1 presenters.

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Ha ha! Thanks Jono!

Looks like Kirsty's been bullied back!

Jono, why is it I can't private message and see people's avatars?

No idea, I've just looked at your settings and they were all over the place. Hopefully it looks alright now? Maybe your wife doesn't want you getting private messages ;)

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Hi, I'm oid & I'm an unashamed fan of the Mills :) I listen every day religiously every day on the way home from the office & I love the posh Radio 4 lady & the Barry Island txter.

Plus I will drive home slower or just sit in the car outside the house, so as not to miss "Oh, what's occurring" (sp?)

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