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  1. Oh dear, I obviously didn't pay much attention when re-reading my nominations! And yes, you should! As should Emma, because we still haven't actually met and we really need to! /late off-topic reply
  2. 1. Funniest Forum Member - DC, Grace, Jono 2. Best Newcomer - I'm sorry, I don't know any of you! Resolution for 2011: return to UM! 3. Most Annoying - Viv 4. Shoutbox King/Queen - Ema, just for old time's sake. 5. Best Looking Male - DC, John, Serin 6. Best Looking Female - Grace, Emma, Ema, KingTutsWWH, Behelzebub 7. The geek you want to meet - All of the old regs - Emma (one day soon!), Grace, John, Ema, Serin, KingTutsWWH, Behelzebub, DC, Jono, Timsk, Bumble_85, John, Lucinda, and anyone else I've forgotten! 9. Most Dedicated Geek (i.e. on here a lot) - Jono, Viv 10. Lifetime Achievement
  3. 1) If you are from Northern Ireland, you are Irish, not British. You might be British too, in the same way that I'm English, and also British, but you aren't just British. At the very least, you're Northern Irish. Oh, and if you hate someone because of their religion, you don't deserve to be a person. That goes for the rest of the world, too. After 9 years of living there, it feels good to finally say that. 2) Labels are stupid. I have a girlfriend, therefore I'm exclusively gay? Nah, it's possible to actually be bisexual. And by having a girlfriend, I'm not choosing a gender, I'm choosing a p
  4. He said that someone might be pissed off if he did something? I was only half paying attention but that caught my ear.
  5. Hey! Don't be mean to Lister! ! I heard this earlier and was mostly amused by the fact that they say my last name in the clip. I wasn't really paying attention, then I heard them say it and my head snapped right up!
  6. Reading through it makes me feel bad for my past actions on UM. Sorry for the hormones, guys.
  7. Even though he's not on the list, and no-one else has mentioned him, my vote goes for Comedy Dave. *girly sigh*
  8. I don't pop up often, but when I do, I'm awesome.
  9. Kelly


    Ha, I've only just seen this, but I love you too dude!
  10. But...it's his twitter? He kind of gets to say what he wants on it, like the rest of us do? I don't quite get why anyone would be annoyed enough by his tweets to moan about them, or @reply him to complain. I mean, there's a button that says 'unfollow' right there on his page. It's not all that difficult to point the mouse at it and click.
  11. You're obviously the best motivational speaker ever, John. I totally will. I'm literally waiting until I know that I'm ready so that I don't just start again three days later (like I have done in the past), but I know I'm getting to that point so \o/!
  12. Yep, have done for quite a few years. I'm not proud of it, but I'm not ashamed of it either. I've cut down a lot in the past year or so though, and I know I'm definitely on my way towards quitting (if only for the fact that it costs so bloody much).
  13. He definitely needs to come back. It wouldn't be the World Cup without him!
  14. ...uh, I'm pretty sure they just did the same thing? :|



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