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  1. I have the day off and a group of us are planning on meeting in a pub with a big screen that will hopefully be showing the wedding, then start our day from there...
  2. Happy Birthday hope you are having a fab one xoxo
  3. I always watched CBBC after school but at the weekends I am sure all the good stuff was on Channel 4 ~ Muppet Babies, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, Disney Club etc...
  4. goldengirl


    Snow isn't stopping here at all, it's brill! Glad I can work form home though, otherwise it would be an absolute nightmare!
  5. I went out with a boy at school who left me for one of my friends (another girl) then left her for her sisters boyfriend. I always hold onto the fact that at least he cheated on me with another girl..... He is my Facebook friend now and very much out and proud.
  6. Just seen Scott's Trial! Brilliant! If that isn't enough to get him in there next year I don't know what is!! Maybe we should start a Twittition
  7. I'm a bit gutted he is only on the ITV2 show cos I can't bear that show!! I wish he really had gone into the jungle, maybe next year.....
  8. goldengirl


    We have mega snow here!! There was even a Facebook group set up for survivors of the Thunder Snow Storm here! ha ha http://www.facebook.com/dundeethundersnow
  9. goldengirl

    The Soaps

    Me too I love Christian & Syed together! Just wish they would hurry up and live happily ever after! I guess Amira will need to be pregnant first then walk on on them, it us Eastenders after all.....
  10. Thank-you everyone especially Kirsty, lol I <3 that picture sooo much!!! Pretty sure I had a poster of that on my wall back in the day!! ha ha
  11. Innuendo Bingo MUST make a return (even just for today) for Greg's "my girlfriend would like it over and over" comment during the Jessica Alba interview!!! ha ha
  12. Hey :D Nice to meet you too. Welcome to UM xox

  13. I downloaded the lite version and it's great! I was able to listen to Radio 1 in the gym for the first time ever Fab!
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