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  1. Super!!!! Thank you, my life is complete :-)
  2. Any updates chaps? Sorry to be pain but my train journeys have turned into a very boring trip!
  3. Send them in batches, only need from 16th Sept according to the sites archive!
  4. Hope so! I need to know what happens in the MI5 story next (it was the one I was part way through) Thanks
  5. I'll be watching! England allllll the way
  6. Hello, I have had to format my PC and I thought I had all the podcasts but apparently not! They have vanished (iTunes does not help!). If anyone has them from 13th Dec 09 til now that would be super or know of anywhere that has them. I need them to make my train journeys to London and back interesting!! Thanks in advance!
  7. I've just found this game too, very addictive!
  8. Hi all, New to the site, long time fan of Scott. I am mainly a podcast listener at the moment as I am doing quite a bit of train travel and he is the best thing to keep me entertained! So hello all!
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