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  1. Bon Anniversaire! I do hope that's right, I haven't done French in a long time...
  2. I found it really frustrating to watch how they ignore the Bible's teaching to 'love your neighbour'. It's like one of the most fundamental beliefs of Christanity!
  3. Merry Birthday John Have a good one! X
  4. I saw the back of his head first aswell... It was the orange skin/sunglasses/ears that we recognised instantly!
  5. I think we found it more funny because in my photo he is smiling and happy, and in my friend's he has a straight face and is just staring into the camera.
  6. In the photo of my friend with Scott he is doing his staring thing... It's quite funny
  7. http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/showthread.php?14739-I-promise-I-ll-get-a-life-soon...&highlight= I have realised that I never mentioned how I saw Tim Westwood, smiled at him, got a smile back yet only realised 10 minutes late who it was... How useless I am! Scott is so lovely and chatted to us for a little bit before he went inside
  8. He always seemed like such a lovely person, and after meeting him me and my friend could not stop commenting on how genuine and nice he was! I think the show is really funny, it appeals to my sense of humour...
  9. Chris supports Watford FC, so I'm happy
  10. Hello! I got Love Zombies as my band name... That sounds like an actual band though
  11. My friend was surprised when she found out Scott was gay... I just laughed at her
  12. People actually voted for me... What? Thanks guys!
  13. To be fair, Top Gear didn't go by camel...
  14. I hate buses. They're so confusing. And you always end up waiting at least 20 minutes for one!
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