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1 hour ago, Old Codger Fan said:

I wonder what peoples views are on the time slots that different shows are given?  I know it's not such a big deal in these days of 'catch-up' listening, but (for instance), Jack Saunders sounds a touch too 'lively' to me for that late at night - whereas a straight swap with the relatively-relaxed Annie Mac would make more sense .....

I agree. I would prefer to hear Jack Saunders before Annie Mac and would like to see more Annie chill out. Or maybe Phil Taggert with Annie during week?

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Hello everyone Aled here, Head of Programmes at Radio 1. Thank you for all your passion for Scott,  Chris and Radio 1 - the station’s success relies on fans like yourselves caring about radio and

If she's good I'm willing to change my mind, but until proven otherwise can we refer to Maya Jama within the context of Scott's show as the homewrecker?

I used to work at a radio station (not R1, think smaller!) so I have a bit of an insight into this, although I'm sure it varies. Where I worked, around half of the presenters were staff and half

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R1 are doing a Christmas House Party on Tuesday 1st December from 17.35 to midnight - presenters as follows:


17.35-18.00 Nick Grimshaw (Newsbeat is 17.30-17.35)

18.00-19.00 Adele Roberts

19.00-20.00 Arielle Free

20.00-21.00 Danny Howard

21.00-22.00 Charlie Hedges

22.00-23.00 Rickie & Melvin

23.00-00.00 Jack Saunders


1Xtra, Asian Network, R2 and R6 Music are all doing their own versions on that evening too.

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1 hour ago, Dan18F1 said:

What’s that going to consist of then? It sounds interesting anyway! 

Seems to be part of some BBC Sounds project to allow them to stream playlists over Christmas:

On radio, all BBC pop stations are staging Christmas House Party, each having a room at the party and using their output to provide that room’s soundtrack. BBC Sounds is hosting a second series of Radio 4’s Grounded With Louis Theroux and Radio 2 celebrates the world of musical theatre in January with a season of special programming. BBC Sounds will also provide the musical support our audiences might need to make the most of a more home-based festive season with classic tracks and mixes to help manage mood or make an occasion, together with unique mixes led by our talent.

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Week commencing Monday 4th January:

  • Rickie, Melvin & Charlie are in for Clara (Mon-Thurs)
  • Matt & Mollie are in for Scott & Chris (Mon & Tues)
  • Adele is in for Rickie, Melvin & Charlie (Mon-Thurs)

I guess Clara and Scott are working during the week leading up to Christmas (unlike most of the weekday presenters) so this makes some kind of sense.

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Looks like from January; 

• Mollie will continue to do Best New Pop at 6:30 on a Friday 
• Anthems will continue on a Friday with Greg presenting the 10 - 10:30 section•
• Party Anthems will continue at 3pm on a Friday with Matt and Mollie presenting it 

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