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Is Chappers leaving?


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Just seen Beccy's tweet which strongly suggests Chappers is off before the year is out:

Yay! just one more christmas gift and chappers leaving present to get and I'm all done! Am sooo proud of myself! Xx 40 minutes ago from UberTwitter

Edit: Scott announced on 18/12/2009 that four will become three on Christmas Eve.

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Not really a surprise, but a shame. I'll miss the grumpy so and so. He was the perfect foil to Scott and Beccy.

Is he going to be replaced, or will Beccy take a larger role in the show now? Or will TOWDS start speaking? Hmmm.

'To disagree with three-fourths of the British public is one of the first requisites of sanity'.

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I think we could see from the new ESPN work that he's doing along with the BBC work that it was goign to be tough to juggle - especially as a lot of that work is in the evening and would require the afternoons to do that.

Newsbeat will have lost two legends in one month! Plus Carrie will be off after this Christmas there's going to be a lot of boots to fill.

I think Beccy has a strong rapport with Scott now to keep things running smoothly but there needs to be an additional team members for stuff like Oh What's Occurring - even if they were to axe it now.

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Okay. Shame that Chappers is leaving, the show won't be the same without him.

I wonder what the original plan was and how Beccy's tweet is going to change that. Whan did they plan to reveal that Chappers is leaving? Was anything special planned? And what are they going to do now with the news already out? Anounce it on today's show? Keep quiet?


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