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  1. This could be a really terrible start to my week.
  2. They chatted about this on today's show, here's the photograph.
  3. So. Scott will be walking (wading) a mile through a working Thames sewer. Bleugh.
  4. There was a tea spitting incident for me there...
  5. Did anyone catch that show on BBC One last night? The one called "Secrets for Sale". I saw a bit of it and thought it would have been right up Scott's street. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00r9057 Beryl was paralysed by a tropical worm. Maureen was poisoned by her husband. Sarah's orgasm caused a massive brain haemorrhage. With unique warts-and-all access to Real People magazine, this sometimes poignant and funny documentary follows the magazine's small team of reporters as they hit the road and dig deep into their contributors' most intimate and harrowing experiences, and asks why people feel the need to lay bare their personal pain and tragedy to 216,000 readers. And once they see their stories in print, do they have any regrets about selling and telling all? Afternoon by the way.
  6. We Need Answers & News/Screenwipe are some of the best things to come out of BBC 4 recently. There's no other place for them really.
  7. :x I'm not a happy bunny regarding the closure of 6Music. I like to think that the BBC took risks with that station. Closing it down just means they're bowing to the Daily Mail types.
  8. I'm up for it! Obviously, depending on dates and stuff.
  9. Happy Birthday Zoe. Hope you are having a lovely day. Long time no speakies. xx

  10. Hurrah! Scott's back for my birthday. That makes me happy.
  11. And he thought Martha Wainright was Cerys Matthews.
  12. There's the headline done. BUT WE WANT THE CREDIT GORDON SMART. And yeah, they do normally turn off the screen. Didn't Chris tell the listeners to text in comments for the band to read though?
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