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  1. This one is easy. It's in the remit of the station to appeal to that demographic. If they don't, they either need to force the issue or risk being closed down.
  2. Whether you think Greg is made for the breakfast show is irrelevant. Believe me, I'm with you all; he's probably never going to last long in the Breakfast slot because there is nothing substantial about him. However, 1) that can't be an excuse for not giving him a chance to at least try, and 2) he does at least seem to be a genuine radio guy like Moyles and Mills were. He hasn't come from television - he's a radio geek, and radio geeks tend to do better on radio. The scariest thing about it all (other than Greg now in line to cover for breakfast show holidays) is that once Moyles is gone - and people can complain about him all they want - there will be no fighting for the betterment of the show. Do you think that Greg James will fight management to let him talk more and play less music? Not a chance. He'll tow the line like a puppet and then get blamed if it all goes wrong. Moyles, faults and all, really pushes for what he thinks will make the show better, and the numbers support his judgement enough that management can only meet him half- or all the way. Bringing in fresh, young presenters is good for demographics but also leaves a bunch of kids who are so thankful to Radio 1 for the opportunity that they go along with everything, lest they rock the boat and get replaced. Moyles knows he can't be replaced, Chris Evans practically forced the station to replace him, and both got to a stage where they could be considered bigger than the station and important enough to do things their way. Come 2014 or whenever Mills and Moyles leave, it's just going to be a line of robots, powered by the Radio One machine.
  3. Mills had to be replaced eventually, so it actually makes sense to do so now and to give James time to start really filling his boots. He's still around so it's not all bad, but James is the future of the station amongst other young presenters and if they keep Mills going and going, James will be 30-35 by the time he even gets an opportunity and they'll have no one else to fill the role. Why Mills and not Moyles? 1) Moyles' ratings are higher, 2) Moyles would kick up such a public fuss, the likes of which you'll have never seen before, that it's not in Radio 1's interest to lose him so dramatically, 3) who would replace him? Mills is the same age, so that's a backwards step, but none of the young guns are good enough for the biggest show on the station. Drivetime is the precursor to that spot, so James getting the chance to sink or swim in the deep end is much better for all involved than throwing him in the sea. Let me equate this to something: Johnny Carson used to host 'The Tonight Show', the staple of late night TV in America, and was beloved by the entire nation. That is our breakfast show. Our drivetime show equates to 'Late Night', which immediately followed The Tonight Show and was hosted for years by David Letterman. Letterman was considered the heir apparent, until Jay Leno came in and took The Tonight Show instead. Letterman left NBC to form a rival show to TTS called 'The Late Show' and NBC brought in Conan O'Brien to host Late Night instead. Conan was the sh*ts and everyone hated him. But, slowly, he started finding his rhythm and groove and became one of the most beloved TV hosts until he finally got control of The Tonight Show (and subsequently bombed, lost his job and ended up working on cable in a public dispute). Conan was replaced by Jimmy Fallon, who was the dirt worst for almost a year until, slowly, he started finding his rhythm and groove... The moral is, it's always better to use the second string show than the top dog.
  4. Congratulations to Danni. As a total aside, I met a girl Danni knows from Barnstaple this weekend in Kent. Small world.
  5. "Has Ricky Gervais been on the show before?" "No." Yes, he has. Not even counting the Marathon show, either.
  6. They have Richard Simmons, so they'll be fine.
  7. I listened up to the end of the Pub Quiz, then moved onto something else. I can't deal with Spence. Even on WILTY, an otherwise fantastic show, I had to skip all of his bits. I just squirm whenever I see or hear him.
  8. Oh good, Paddy McGuinness. With his joke.
  9. Might steal my ex-girlfriend's phone and send some abusive texts in, just in case.
  10. That's slick as. Can't wait to see the finished article.
  11. Totally opposed to benefit cuts. What's that going to do? Lead to more riots, probably. We as a society have already downgraded these people to the lowest possible level of subhuman scum that is possible, so what do they have to lose? If they lose their benefits, they'll just get themselves arrested so that they can have a roof put over their heads without the burden of money. What happened to building for the future? What happened to thinking about how never to let this happen again, instead of pushing the rioters into prisons and letting our obviously completely flawed society continue as it is, with prejudices and nose-upturned judgemental TV shows destroying every chance we have of an all-inclusive society. We claim to be multi-cultured and go to extremes to show that we accept all races, colours and creeds, yet our collective attitude to the "dole-seeking Jeremy Kyle-type scum" is sickening. Completely sickening, and destructive too. It's amazing having watched people on my Twitter and Facebook who watch Jeremy Kyle and pass judgement on these people daily, and then wonder why they might possibly get bored of being paraded around like monkeys and decide to raid the cities that have effectively disassociated themselves. Everyone who watches shows like Jeremy Kyle and then condemned the rioters as scum who need to be arrested or shot by the army are complete idiots. You're a huge part of the reason why all this happened. Shattered glass is on your hands.
  12. Isn't Radio 1 always down during this Qtr?
  13. Russell Brand wrote about her here: http://www.russellbrand.tv/2011/07/for-amy/ I wouldn't normally just shill stuff, but it makes no sense to just c&p what I've already written, which no doubt is nothing that nobody has heard before anyway. It's just one of those situations where everyone has an opinion.
  14. I ate the nicest hot cross buns in the world at the weekend. Simple pleasures.
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