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New Newsbeat jingles to launch 6 June

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the ramp doesn't really build, it's just STRAIGHT IN FULL MUSIC.

Indeed. That's what I'm missing. a bit of tension building up. It's not happening in the new jingles.

Also, they just don't sound serious enough. It's news, in the end. Not another feature.

As for the tagline, it's alright. The old one was not brilliant, either: why would you tell your listeners something like "digital, fm, online"? Surely, most people know that? Listen, watch, share is about the same. It surely is based on the obsession with social media, and in order to be cool, you need to have a tagline like that.

Also, I don't like the "out" bit; the old 4-note-rhythm just worked better; the new rhythm doesn't sound natural, there's weird lag in it.

The overall sound it rather cheap, commercial-radio-like. I would have expected a bit more from a national BBC radio station.

I will propably get used to it during the next days, so don't worry about that criticism too much. But I hope the next time they update their jingles, I will like them straightaway.

The R1 Newsbeat 4-note sonic logo has been used since January 2005. The 2003 package was created by David Lowe (creater of BBC News music), and this was reflected in the package. 2004 was a refresh by the Station Sound team. Everything from 2005 was created by Music4. The 2005 package was used until January 2007. The package that was on air a few days ago was a remix of the 2007 package, created in January 2009.

That exact 4-note-logo is what i miss the most. It was quite a great, simple, but strong logo. The new bit doesn't really reach that.

The best bit about them so far was Moyles this morning having fun playing Cher songs just after the tagline. Loved it!


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I'd love a jingle that began with a loud BOOM followed by "THIS..... IS THE F****** NEWS" ..... #justathought And "here... is your b****** weather" .... and "If you don't like it, tune in to someone

A bit of music geekiness about the four notes:

the new one goes like this: note - higher note - higher note - lower note. Just about every radio jingle consisting of four notes goes like that. It's boring. And: it starts on a beat, so it plods.

the old one went: note - lower note - lower note - same note. good stuff. and it started on an off-beat, which makes it sound like a forward-movement. good stuff, again.


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Knew they were going to start using Listen Wacth Share as a new tag line. How predictable! Not a fan at the moment, have a similar view to many in thinking they just dont sound serious enough and sounds like something from Newsround

Capes :)

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Listen Watch Cher: DO YOU BELIEEEEEEEEVE In Life after love?

Seriously appalling news beds. They make me laugh at how cheesy they are (the sfx), and it could even work as a comic relief bed.

Listen watch share, doesn't work as a strapline for the station. Not enough visualisation to warrant it. Further, Aled stated people share stuff automatically so that's why it's in there... WHATS THE POINT IN TELLING US THEN???

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Tulip is indeed going to Pakistan - it's not a holiday though, she's working there for the next 5 months or so. Chris Smith is taking over as the main Newsbeat presenter in her absence.

As well as Chris, Newsbeat will also have a few guest presenters over the next few weeks who will present for a couple of days each. Anthony Baxter, Ben Mundy, Dan Whitworth, Amy Gladwell, Sima Kotecha, Steve Holden and Jim Taylor are all going to be presenting Newsbeat programmes this month.

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They're slighlty growing on me though...

I've liked them from the minute I heard them!

Latest additions:

- Full Imaging Beds package (2009-2010)

- 2009 re-voice by Music4 (DRY+WET IDs, chart numbers 1-40)

- BBC Top Gear - Backing beds used in programs

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I'd love a jingle that began with a loud BOOM followed by "THIS..... IS THE F****** NEWS" ..... #justathought

And "here... is your b****** weather" .... and "If you don't like it, tune in to someone else".

:hahaha: - I should get to create jingles, and I didn't get my "audio boo" chosen either - boo - mind you, it was created in the toilet.

Delta Machine, Depeche Mode - buy NOW !!


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