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The Unofficial Mills 2010 Virtual Time Vault - For 2015


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Like all time vaults, this is to be moved from public view till January 1st 2015.

So if this works, in around two weeks when everyone have written their messages, the thread goes into hiding till the time is right. If you could do that Jono, thanks.

For now leave messages for the people of Unofficial Mills in 2015.

Things to put in your message.

Say hello to future people,

What things are like now in the world,

How you are feeling and things you are doing currently,

Anything you want :)

This picture may have gone by 2015 but this is UM's homepage when this thread was created.


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Wow.. Looks like a good idea.. I'll say things that I'm doing:

18,000 (just over) tweets.

Been on Facebook for.. Erm.. 4 and a bit months? ish. 220 friends.

UM thingymajig (the bit under the name): Annie Nightingale

Technology owned (that is used regularly): Laptop (2GB RAM, Ubuntu 9.10, Vista SP1, 1.86Ghz, 200GB HDD); Xbox 360 Elite; 500GB External HDD; iPod Nano 3rd Gen; iPod Touch 2nd Gen.

Internet Speed: 10mbps, fibre optic.

Websites owned/administrated: 5.

Radio Stations on: 0. Soon, 1.. Hopefully.

Phone: Lobster 544 (it sucks)

Total Music library: 16GB.

Likes and/or hobbies: Computers, Internets, books, coding both computer programs (C++, VB.net) and websites (HTML, PHP), Radio, Scott, UM, Twitter, Facebook, MUSIC.

Dislikes: Annoying people, the quality of school computer and their respective programs; racist jokes, snoring.

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That's perfect Ratscallion :)

I should do one.

Currently typing on a keyboard (google if you don't know what that is in 2015) and not using my voice to make this type out! hehe.

The Queen is currently alive.

There has been a lot of snow.

Size of hard drive on laptop - 140gb.

Avatar is close to beating Titanic.

Current consoles on sale PS3, Xbox360 and Wii

I can still buy CDs and normal DVDs

Planning to go to uni - this year!

Unofficial Mills things

Threads: 9,796

Posts: 307,750

Members: 7,187

Might add more if I think of anything interesting

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Hi people from the future.

I am Danni and on 11th January 2010 i am 18

I have Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis and Laryngitis

I am currently addicted to facebook

I have tweeted 2876 times so far (before 6:12 pm)

I am with a guy called chris

Its snowed lots and is very icy

I am in my third year of college, studying health and social care

Favourite song at this moment in time = Jumper - Bedlight for Blue eyes

My profile pic is me with a baguette

I have been on here 3 years, 6 months, 2 weeks and 3 days (i think haha)

<DT class=shade>My Total Posts = 1,847 <DT class=shade>My Blog Entries = 70 </DT>

Kitty <3

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Hi future world

Probably dead by the time you read this, most likely after being hit by a rogue meteorite

I was the god of defeatism in 2010, and as such will leave you all this message: You will all die without money, and alone. Or I did, at least.

but Smile, because at least you can read. Unless you are illiterate. then lifes even crapper for you.

Life sucks, end of. it did in 2010 at least.

Nik B.

Born to Toads.

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Hello 2015!

First of all I hope you can read this with the 2012 phenomenon been wrongly predicted as the end of the world (not that I really understand it). Perhaps by 2015 there will be a new end of the world theory our last failure was the Large Hadron Colder Blackhole - although that could still happen as the machine broke down.

I am currently studying geography at Liverpool.

My phone is currently a Nokia 6700.

I have an Xbox 360 although I refuse to pay for Xbox live xD

The current day time R1 Schedule is...

0400 Dev, 0630 Chris Moyles, 1000 Fearne Cotton[We can only assume why?], 1300 Greg James, 1600 Scott Mills, 1900 Zane Lowe.

Sara Cox is pregnant with Baby #3. We think Jo Whiley will be going to R2. Scott only has Beccy(Assistant Producer?) and TOTDS on his show(Producer Emlyn)

I have made 880 posts on UM.


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21 minutes ago, OohErr said:

Oh balls, we're a year late digging this up. Bugger. I wonder what all these people are up to now - none of them to my knowledge post on here anymore.

Perhaps we need to set up a 2020 time vault... for everyone to forget about it in 5 years time.

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Hello, Unofficial Mills. Stumbled upon this after seeing a UM article on Facebook. It's been a while. This was really nice to look at. 

I've not been listening to Radio 1 for a while as I don't own a car and my house in Notts receives only Smooth. 

I've been through two phones and am on another laptop, though still have both my iPods (but use them rarely!). I'm now pushing 40k tweets (@samozzy), am at my second year at the university of Nottingham. I also work as a theatre technician from time to time. 

I do a lot less websites, a lot more theatre, and my 1TB hard drive is about a quarter of the size of my 500GB one - and doesn't even require a mains connection! Queen is still alive, no hovercars and my internet speed is now 50, rather than 10!

Maybe I'll post a bit more frequently soon...

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