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What rocks in your life?

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Congratulations! If you do pass first time though, remember that it doesn't make you invincible or the world's best driver - the people I know who passed quickly were often the ones who wrote off their car a month later driving complacently.

so far so good for dc though, a year and a month.

on the grid.

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Buying my Holloways ticket.

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Guest CancerForTheCure

Use Somebody starts 'woooaaoohhh wooooaaaoohhh'

:giggle: nice description.

I am actually quite happy today for a change - I managed to do quite a lot of work for Constitutional Law which is something I had been avoiding, I did quite a lot of exercise, my two best friends are coming to visit at the weekend, I got The Times with which I can claim a free Joy Division album, my boyfriend managed to get a well-paid job, and I'm going out tomorrow night :)

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It's a lovely sunny afternoon, I'm going out tonight, and I've got lots of great new music to keep me going while I attempt to make a start on 2 essays.

I've been swapping music with a boy on my course via a USB stick for the last couple of weeks and yesterday I looked through his iPod and mentioned the stuff he had that I didn't and he's put it all on the USB stick for me so I've got that to listen to this afternoon.

'Forget happiness I'm fine, I'll forget everything in time'

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One day left of school and then holidays!

Also there is only one week left until I go to Scotland.

And last but not least, it has just been confirmed that I am going to Paris in May next year.

Awesome, have a great time! What rocks for me is that I've finished uni for the weekend, I've bought two Kings Of Leon albums for £10 and I might be going home tomorrow!

Alouette...deployer les ailes;

Alouette...plumerai les ailes.

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I've just found out that Tesco £437.08...

I'ma gonna get me some money!!!

This doesn't make sense. What are you on about Mike?

Sorry re. HMV.:( How's the manflu?

Edit: Don't worry about explaining. I've just read your Facebook comment, NOW I understand.

'To disagree with three-fourths of the British public is one of the first requisites of sanity'.

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