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We have a show here in the States called American Idol. I believe you guys have Pop Idol. American Idol has been the biggest thing on TV for 4 years. Its ridiculous and I hate that show. It spawns smash top 40 albums, etc. Anyway, every finalist becomes a star. Elliott Yamin was one such finalist. Here's the kicker: he's from my city. Gag. There are mentions of him in the papers every 2 weeks or so. http://www.yaminions.com/yaminions/

Some guy on American Idol was William Hung, who was the worst singer anyone had ever heard. He was so famous for being so bad that his album went top 20. http://www.williamhung.net/

Down with American Idol!! BOOO!!


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reality tv is destroying christmas number ones over here. i think the scottish tent got one in 2003 from x factor didn't she?

I put £10 on her to win when everyone said she wouldn't and her odds wer 12/1! Woo hoooooo :woo: £120 richer for Crimbo that year!! Fab

I really liked Michelle McManus, I think she is supposed to be doing a new Album for 2007 :)

Us Scots have to stick together you know :bah:


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