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  1. So today is the American holiday Thanksgiving, which is a day where you are supposed to have a huge meal with all your family. Tomorrow is Black Friday. Black Friday is the biggest day for retail out of the whole year, because everybody goes Christmas shopping. Most stores open at 5 am, there are huge lines and stampedes, completely packed stores, even fistfights. Last year some people died at Walmart when they were trampled, it made the national news. I know someone who has worked retail on Black Friday and seen fights in the store. All the stores have big sales. I go shopping on this day and I have never seen a fight, but I hear it happens. I was just wondering what you UKers think of this. http://www.black-friday.net/ http://bfads.net/Black-Friday-Store-Hours
  2. I'm starting to miss you guys. I dont even listen to Scott anymore and I dont know why. But last week I went on family vacation to South Carolina and it was a 9 hour drive, so I listened to Scott's podcasts on an IPod the whole way down. I still love them
  3. is in a beer "advert" on TV here in the States. I just saw it. I dont know the name of the song. Its the one that goes, "shine, shine on". I remember they used to play it on Radio 1. oh yes, American TV is very good at turning really good songs into cheesy "adverts".
  4. I was watching this documentary on PBS. It was talking about what happens to thrown away computers. Computers from all over the world end up mostly in Ghana. There are huge landfills, and children burn the computers to melt the parts and salvage metal, and they are exposed to toxic fumes. Many of the computers still have everything on them! One hard drive had classified NASA data! (they turned it in to the FBI) http://greenchemistry.wordpress.com/2008/08/07/poisoning-the-poor-with-ewaste-in-ghana/ so be careful when disposing of that old laptop. we have a Windows 3.1 diskette drive one that was lurking in the attic. I can barely run it cause I'm not familiar with the system!
  5. I thougt about emailing this to him but then I thought you guys would like it too In the wake of the missing link story ( http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30826552/ ) I was googling ancient fossils and ran across this http://www.humanfossil.com/ Now, when you die, simply get somebody to ship your body off to Human Fossil, where they will use sophisticated technology to turn you into a fossil, and then plant you deep underground with the dinosaurs. Its Scott's kinda thing
  6. I have a new friend from the UK. I met her recently. She's been living in America about 10 years and I met her through my friends. Really sweet girl. I always talk to her about the UK. It really interests me. She's from York, and was shocked I knew where it was, and I knew about Woolworth's and the Glastonbury festival. (her brother has been) One time in the car we were talking about Katie Price and page 3 of The Sun. And I said to her, "Is it weird to meet some random American who knows about all this stuff?" And she laughed and said, "I think its pretty awesome actually." So yeah. I'm a 3 year listener online. I havent listened recently though and I'm starting to miss Scott and Becky. Chappers...meh. kidding! I missed the whole Big Weekend! Caught some Sunday morning. (well, it was morning here)
  7. I saw his book at the store. I didnt think American audiences knew anything about him other than that he hosted our MTV awards and bashed Jonas Brothers during the show oh wait I have seen shows of his stand up act on Comedy Central (network)
  8. In was walking down the strip in Virginia Beach last night and there was this huge brawl on the other side of the road. I assume they were drunk. But that wasnt funny. It was scary. *shakes in shoes*
  9. phoenix

    London riots

    The news said they are protesting a myriad of things. Theyre just ticked off activists in general.
  10. phoenix

    London riots

    if you do, post pictures! oh and please try not to get killed in the process. there was an image on TV of a guy with blood all over his face
  11. I was wondering if it was safe to be online today cause I didnt know how it was infecting. I use a low security network with a not fancy password. I installed my patch! *is proud* yesterday I got a lot of alerts but I dont know if they were popup ads. my antivirus softwore I dont think has been updated. ran a full 2 and a half hour scan online via Kapersky and it stopped at 89% which is no big deal cause I lose my connection kinda a lot and I figured that was it. nothing bad in my hard drive no downloading for me today (except security updates) and no opening emails unless sender is familiar. and no clicking on weird things while googling. in fact I think googling is probably not good either http://mcafee.com/us/threat_center/conficker.html more info
  12. phoenix

    London riots

    Its early in the morning and I just got out of bed. I went downstairs to watch a bit o TV and this was all over the news. Its like the top story. It looks like total madness! Do any of you live near there? Have you seen it? Know any protesters? I dont know what theyre protesting. I think America and likely Bush is to blame for the economic mess, and I'm sure it is our fault, but why are they so mad at Obama? Is the Bank Of Scotland in London? They said theyre smashing windows over there.
  13. phoenix

    Mother's Day '09

    This site and Radio 1 confuse me like mad. Cause our Mother's Day is like 3 weeks after yours and I dont actually know when it is so I start to flip out cause I forgot to get Mom something oh wait I didnt darn UK
  14. That was cool. I havent been there so its cool to see on google. Dublin on satellite view doesnt look too different than American cities. That picture thetrick posted looks exactly like Washington DC actually. that is what DC looks like hehe I've looked at Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Cairo, and Sydney on google too. virtual world travel
  15. That show made our tabloids and we dont even know who Jade Goody is. She is described as "British actress". So clearly its a big thing.
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