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  1. Shame to see you go Chappers, I will miss your humour and sarcasm and i think its safe to say the show won't be the same again. Your sports bulletins often brought a smile to my face. For the past few years I've come home to listen to you wind Scott up and constantly mock his orangenes. Good luck on ESPN, looking forward to seeing you appearing on the T.V more often. God knows how camp the show is going to be now with just Scott and Beccy!! All the best, you will be missed.
  2. One quote that i will always remember is from the old days of Laura's Diary when she appeared to have a phobia of Lesbians. Scott (to Laura): Whats wrong with lesbians, some of my best friends are lesbians. Laura: Nothing. Scott: Ill take you to meet them sometime. Chappers: Ohh can i come!? Makes me laugh whenever i hear that
  3. Antro

    Post your Desktop

    My deskop, just got some new icons.
  4. I'm a very confused person I meant David Dickinson
  5. Anybody else think Greg looks like david dickinson on this photo?
  6. Im looking to re design my site but i think i'll ignore those tips.
  7. Just started my weeks work experiance at the Bentley factory in crewe (some people might know it) it was great today we got shown how the cars are made and get to see some interesting things
  8. I know its not food, but i cant drink Milk, it just makes me heave. its wierd that i can have it on cereal and in coffe, but on its own... :puke:
  9. I think i would be happy to meet someone if i got to know them and had spoken on the phone and stuff. If you're sensible and you only meet people who you speak to often and dont go meeting some stranger in a quiet place then its fine. i stay in touch with people who ive only met a few times on facebook/ MSN but thats not the same as if you've never met them
  10. Ive got a friend who pobbibly has the worst taste in music ever. Just some of the things on his ipod are, Motzart, The lion King album and s club 7. I listen to some things from a while ago but mainly popular bands that are still quite popular now like queen.
  11. I think probably chappers. I get the mik taken out of me for being like Chappers i think its probably because im like a moody old man Scott seems to spend too much time with the Hoff and Paris hilton at the moment.
  12. sorry to hear about that, not trusted girls since one took my bag and i had to go to lessons with nothing and explain where it was :oops:
  13. Antro


    Then Scott should have bright orange lips...
  14. i buy Top Gear magazine sometimes but the price is rediculous, something like $4.50 and most of the time they fill it with adverts at the back that nobody's really botherd about. only really buy them in airports before we go on holiday, duty free shops
  15. Antro

    CCTV cameras

    they are good thing, in that they can be used as evidence for a lot of things. But it just really annoys me that i cant go to the shop without being watched by someone who sits in a room full of screens every day. It's as though everyone walking down the street is expected to comit a crime before they go home. speed cameras are just as bad, its aparenly been proven that there are less accidents were there are no speed cameras because they just cause pile-ups. nobody can be trusted. the speed camera on the road near us usually ends up in peices or facing the wrong way because someone takes a ba
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