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  1. I APOLOGISE... FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.... the way I see last night, Hannah started ranting at us for little/no reason. Seems some of the members here can't take their own medicine as my mirror post was intended as a joke... but yeah whatever. *this will probably be edited and stifled by our Lord and Master Jono, but I have now said my piece and have no more to say.
  2. I have done... 0 words of 0 essays needed... tho some of the emails I send at work end up as essays when I have to dumb-down my instructions to people on fixing their problem.
  3. you didnt get your tickets? Can never be sure with Royle Male can ya?
  4. G'Mornin' :shock: as Andy B will tell you, go to Uni kids, it's one big orgy...
  5. Vicky Marsden... another underrated gem of a DJ.
  6. Ben Mills... any even slightly tenuous relation to Scott? or even Heather?
  7. demonhorse


    I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you.... #fire#....
  8. Looking at pre-CS pics, I wonder if Jono's fear was the same as mine.
  9. demonhorse


    but I have no son?
  10. demonhorse


    Actually... I prefer to take the advice of Winston Zeddemore of the Ghostbusters... "If someone asks you if you are a God, you say YES!!!" Indeed Religion causes conflict... more so than anything else, even oil. Beliefs are fine, it's when they get combined into religions that the problems begin.
  11. demonhorse


    If God existed, why does so much s**t happen... especially some of the s*** people like George Bush do supposedly in the name of 'god'... Guess every religion has it's extremists... except maybe Buddhism.
  12. Well he rode that horse in a VERY camp outfit didn't he... before falling off, I mean.
  13. demonhorse


    "God Is Dead" - Neitzsche "Neitzsche Is Dead" - God
  14. demonhorse


    Never met him/it... so with that in mind, i'm a fully fledged atheist thanks to crap RE at school that was nothing but bible-bashing. Watched an interesting program about the 'lost gospels' the other night. Some quite extreme and controversial stuff in there... especially re a certain Ms Mary Magdelene..
  15. no that'll be Scott love...
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