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  1. Basically radio one have tried to be cool and hired a load of djs who aren't committed and have other priorities. Fin.
  2. Was James King on crack when he said we'd like the covers? Also, why has everyone started to like Nihal? He's still rubbish. And didn't Vernon want more time with his family or something? And didn't Fearne want more time with the camera and her cats?
  3. yeh Jono thanks for that lovely compliment, and maybe this thread should not be named 'I'm on the radio' but the plug anything you want thread? so I'm still plugging radio cabin. radiocabin.co.uk etc. also- I realised that some of you may actually be listening to scott mills up until 7, but we're still on til 8 so no get out clause there.
  4. So I may get some stick for this, but I now volunteer at a community radio station and do a show every Wednesday night with a friend and thought I'd see if some of you guys will listen? Details in my signature. Is anyone else involved in radio? Post here now!
  5. I was just on radio one. Talking to Greg James. ABOUT SOILS. at almost 5 in the morning. yaaaay.
  6. SEXY TIME WITH THE GOAT. ALWAYS. This is the defnitely the right choice if you can cope emotionally with hiding this secret for the rest of your life. Which I would be able to. Also, think of what you would have to put up with if everyone knew. You'd probably be on BBC Look East or something. People baaing down the street at you. The Sun would probably give you your own column (which in my eyes is definitely a bad thing) and end up in the Spotted section of Heat: SPOTTED: That person who had sexy time with a goat having a frappuccino with a friend in Starbucks, North London. I have taken too m
  7. 91. He showed the nation the inside of his nose on 'ghosthunting with...' after failing to hold the camera the right way up.
  8. What happened to the days when Radio 1 gave away tickets to the gig? They are money grabbing this year. It's like blatant advertising. This and the Foo Fighters gig.
  9. I can't believe this. This is like Aled leaving Chris' show to work with Nihal
  10. OH DEAR GOD, SCOTT IS SUCH A WIMP. Also, that management phone ring is like the phone of death. The berr berr. Hahaha, I can't believe they brought in furniture and played one full song.
  11. WHAT THE bobobobo IS TEEN NIGHT?! SO BLOODY PATRONISING! SO, YEH, TEEN ZONE IS LIKE THE RADIO FORM OF 'MIZZ' MAGAZINE. F ACTUAL OFF! Ugh, this makes a bad day even worse. We know we're their funking target audience, they don't have to shove it in our faces. And somebody, please tell me, why is Nihal still on? He's now been given a show. HE'S NOT FUNNY! HE'S BORING AND REPEPITIVE. Why is Dance Antems being moved to Friday nights from 10 til 1? What is the point? Dance Anthems was the only thing that wasn't depressing on a Sunday night. Chart: crap record number 1 for 10 weeks Sunday Surgery: E
  12. Haaaaaahahaha, Scott is caught red handed. Hahahaha, that is the highlight of my day.



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