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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! from callum and your listeners in deepest darkest norfolk !
  2. good bye chopper and good luck ! he should never leave . . . .a great shame
  3. callum

    Formula 1 - 2009

    Prediction for 2009. The following drivers seem possible winners of the drivers championship based on testing times: Barrichello, Button, Massa, Raikkonen, Vettel, Glock, Trulli, Kubica, Heidfeld, Alonso I predict a very close season indeed
  4. callum

    Day and Age

    The new killers album " Day and age " is out today. What do you think of it? I must admit, after just one listen, that it is alright. Maybe a grower.
  5. wasnt it a conspiracy theory that JJ was a character invented by jono to get more people posting ? lol i think jono should hand over the power to someone else now hes had a good run of managing the site. like me !
  6. I am going to do Geography, History or Politics possibly with town planning or a combination of those. Going through my applications at the moment
  7. Hey Guys - Of Course i am not going to miss out on a thread like this I must admit i am a little bit addicted to the new song. But i think there will be better stuff on the new album. Look out for " What she came for " which i suspect will be the second single, that one has a massive guitar bit in it. But i think that Ulysses deserves an 8/10 Not quite as good as take me out, but certainly better than do you want to.
  8. callum

    Formula 1 2008

    well, for their next race they are reverting back to the man with a lollipop stick. so, massa should comfortabley win the next 3 races, and become champion. how many of you are hoping that ITV ditch James Allen then?
  9. callum

    Formula 1 2008

    i think that Massa will win it this year. Next year i think someone new will win it, not hamilton, but maybe BMW or Honda even, maybe even Red bull, depending on how all the teams adjust to the new regulations
  10. nothing origional at all. i could have created something better in my sleep.
  11. callum

    One Republic

    one of my favourite memories from V. As Jono says, they are not a band to jump around to, we did sit down, but when they played, the sun was shining, pint in hand, amazing voice and powerful stuff.
  12. aled should play some franz to liven things up !
  13. B - Geography B - Law c - History Giggity
  14. happy birthday! i can't think of the Welsh for it !
  15. funny how he always says stoodio !
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