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Yet more new presenters!

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Ben Cooper's got his cheque book out again.

Someone called Snoochie Shy (never heard of her) and Jack Saunders (former Radio X mid-mornings).

Snoochie on 1Xtra Mondays 1-3am and Jack on Radio 1 Monday-Thursday 11pm-1am, replacing Huw and Radio 1's Residency on Thursdays.

Interesting. Wonder what's happening to Huw, he's been at Radio 1 for 19 years and it looks a lot like he's leaving. Also interesting that for the first time in a while they've poached someone directly from commercial radio (without on-air pilots as well). 

I've heard Jack on Radio X a few times, it's pretty well deserved I think. Never heard of Snoochie though.


UPDATE: Huw's been pushed back to just one show a week - BBC Introducing on Sundays 11pm-1am. Not sure where that leaves Phil Taggart - maybe 9-11pm on Sundays?

UPDATE UPDATE: Should've just read the press release on the BBC website. http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2018/jack-saunders-snoochie-shy

Phil Taggart to Sundays 7-9pm, Rock Show to Sundays 9-11pm, Huw to Sundays 11pm-1am, Residency to Mondays 1-3am. Monki out for the time being.

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A shame for Huw, he must be on his way out now. But glad that they’ve sorted out the Sunday schedule and Phil Taggart has a slightly more prominent show. Also looking forward to hearing how Jack is, I’ve never heard him before. 

Also, Monki isn’t actually leaving as it says she’s she’s remaining part of the Dance Family so I presume that whenever any of the Friday Night DJs are off, she’ll cover for them, a bit like what Heidi used to do a couple of years ago? 

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Jack has been doing an amazing job. That jingle does not lie the guy is The Future of Radio. Loved him on X was a great starting platform for him. Now he just seems to be like Greg James Living The Dream so much charisma and passion about what he's doing. Music is right up my streak can't wait for my next stint of night shifts in October so I can listen to the show live. The features are great aswell. Perfect late night listen my favourite since Colin Murray did 10-Midnight. 

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An observation on Jack Saunders that might be accurate or might be totally imagined - but it feels to me like he's not really been accepted as part of the Radio 1 family yet. Other than his appearance on Chris's Friday podcast before he started, I don't think I've heard him appear on anyone else's shows, or even really get mentioned by other DJs. I also don't see any interaction on socials between him and other Radio 1 DJs either. The only DJ who seemed to embrace him was Charlie Sloth - who's now gone. If you compare that to Jordan North, who Scott in particular seemed to champion from very early on, it looks a bit like he's not a very popular guy on the eighth floor. Huw Stephens seemed to be very well liked, and I remember seeing lots of people paying tributes on Twitter before his last weeknight show - maybe people resent the way Jack was parachuted in without having to do any sort of cover work first, and at Huw's expense. 

I could be reading into this way too much. Has anyone else noticed the same? 

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I think you're reading into it way too much. He's only in the door 5 minutes!

Realistically, he's in there at night so has probably only gotten to know the night time DJs properly so far. I've also noticed there's been a lot less of presenters appearing on other people's shows in general recently. You used to have other DJs appearing on Real or no Real with Scott or Rage Against the Answer Machine with Greg but there's much less of that now so kind of difficult for Jack to get exposure like that.

I don't think he's comparable with Jordan, who is a daytime DJ and used to always be on during daytime at the weekend as well as covering early breakfast and Drive so there's much more room for crossover with the other presenters and for them to hear him. I doubt a lot of the R1 presenters are listening at 11pm so they might not have heard much of Jack yet. 

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