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Vernon Kay and Reggie Yates to leave BBC Radio 1


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Jameela Jamil is to become the first female solo presenter of Radio 1's Chart Show next year when Reggie Yates leaves BBC Radio 1. Matt Edmondson also gets a well-earned promotion to weekend mornings between 10am and 1pm following the departure of Vernon Kay.

Matt Edmondson will present both Saturday and Sunday mornings as Sara Cox moves to weekday mornings to cover for Fearne Cotton - who will disappear in the short-term for maternity leave.

Radio 1 have also hired 'YouTube sensations' Dan and Phil who will takeover the Radio 1 Request Show on Sunday evenings between 7pm and 9pm. Radio 1 promises an even more interactive programme with a visual element.

Tom Deacon will return to the Radio 1 schedule on a Wednesday evening between 9pm and 10pm.

The departure of Vernon Kay and Reggie Yates follows Chris Moyles' exit from the breakfast show this autumn. It is likely to cause more friction amongst the older listeners who feel Radio 1 are axing favourites to appeal to a new younger audience.

No details have been revealed about whether Chris Moyles has a position with the station in the future - it had been suggested he would takeover the 10pm show in the evenings.

Ben Cooper, Controller BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra, said: “I’d like to thank Vernon and Reggie who have both been excellent ambassadors for Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra during their ten years with us. I wish them all the very best.

“I’m excited by our brand new shows, which will appeal to the smartphone generation with our audience able to listen, watch and share Radio 1’s great content.”

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Looks like Sara might be leaving when Fearne comes back from maternity leave.. Moyles seems to have left (unless they're planning on making him a duo with someone...)

Congratulations to Matt & Jameela though I'll miss Reggie! :(

P.S. I predicted this in that T4 coming to an end thread. ;)

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"Smartphone generation"? Ugh. Such predictable 'trying to be cool' language.

As for the changes, fair play. Not shocked about Vernon's departure, but surprised about Reggie going. He always sounded fairly target audience.

I like Matt and Jameela, so good luck to them.

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I like Vernon Kay to be honest, he's far better and more listenable than a lot of other presenters.

As with what happened with Wes a few years ago, what's the point in removing Roger from the chart show? He fits the bill just fine, but yet again they have to mess with things. Moyles is not coming back lets face it, and Sara Cox is going leave soon.

on the grid.

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It is sad to see two of the old guard moving on I will miss them . :(

I can fully see where Vernon is coming from "I felt it was the right time to leave as the girls are now both in school so weekends are more precious than ever." and I said it was going to happen soon. Reggie I was not thinking he would go but it looks like he wanted it so that is his choice. I am sure everyone wish him good luck with his new projects I will look forward to se what he come up with.

As for the new line up, Well done to Matt and well done to Radio 1, right person in the right slot I will look forward to listen to the new show. Jameela Jamil not sure I am not a fan but I will wait and see. Dan and Phil really I stand to be put right but I don't think radio will be there home for long put them on BBC 3 TV or even put them on Wednesday night. "Would have been an ideal platform for someone new, from the Student Radio Awards..." harrysmyth your so right.

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Not surprised Reggie is off as he takes loads of time off when he's doing tv stuff. Always makes me laugh when he takes the Christmas chart off to do tv stuff.

Also had a feeling Vernon would be off soon too as I like listening to him and the ones I like seem to be going!

I am Burdened with Glorious Purpose - Loki Laufeyson

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I hope Edmondson is only covering Coxy's show while she covers Fearne and it isn't a permanent move. Surprised Phil Taggart isn't covering for Coxy.

Frankly I'm glad to see the back of Vernon and Reggie.

It's good to see some effort has been made to improve the disastrous weekends but both Gemma and Huw are still on so it's limited progress.

I look forward to hearing Dan + Phil but what is with R1 refusal to sign radio djs, there are some really good young djs on commercial radio but Cooper just seems to head to T4.

R1 most recent signings:

Dan + Phil (Youtube)

Phil Taggart (Introducing) Now seems to have dissappeared

Jameela Jamil (T4)

Gemma Cairney (1xtra)

Tom Deacon (Comedian-arguably)

Matt Edmondson (T4)

2 come from radio and they're both already at the BBC and can you see any of the above ever doing breakfast or even drive? I can't

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Happy about Dan and Phil although I hope this doesnt mean theyre gonna stop making videos :( Theyre 2 of my fav youtubers and will hopefully bring in some teenage girls that radio 1 so desperately crave. Not to sure how they will handle the fangirls though. Radio 1 better prepare themselves for that!

And I won't sit down,

And I won't shut up,

But most of all I will not grow up <3

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Very interesting. Ive become a fan of Jameela but to take over my fave show im not sure how i feel about that one. The format of the chart now is perfect full top 40 less chat and top 10 visual = perfect. Have a funny feeling this may change come January.

As for matt congradulations its a about bloody time sunday mornings will be safe turn the radio on woooooooo

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Ok, not surprised about Vernon or Reggie. Vernons hardly ever there, and Reggie has always seemed a bit lost without fearne.

Tom Deacon... Oh for fucks sake die already you wretched talentless knob head! also that goatee beard thing you sport makes you look like some kind of pervert.

Matt, is good but look what happened last time he was in that slot.

Dan and Phil are video good not radio good. Sorry fangirls.

Jammy just makes me want to commit either murder or suicide. still can't be sure which.

and as for Sara and Moyles, yeah they're through. Sorry, but they're through on Radio 1. Saras already got an exit strategy and I can see Chris going to Absolute or 6music after his tour, if he returns to radio at all.

So that only leaves one gentleman left. Scotts the last one standing...

ALSO forget smartphone generation. I'm smartphone generation. This is fucking OBEY generation.

Nik B.

Born to Toads.

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Jameela's request show is a bit clunky, maybe its just me, but whenver I'm listening she seems to make quite a few mistakes! I think she might struggle with the chart show to begin with. It is a very complex show with regards to timings.

I'm just more amazed they gave a show back to Tom Deacon. The mind boggles. They desperately need to bring someone fresh and new to Radio 1 with the passion and energy Greg James had when he started (and still does, actually!).

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It has been said a few times RADIO 1 need RADIO DJ like Greg, Scott and Chris with back ground in radio. There is more of a world outside youtude and T4. Radio 1 stop parachuting in people with no skills just because they are already semi famous with the "target" group and get people who are radio "nerds" and know how what make a good show.

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