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  1. Dan and Phil bring in all their young YouTube audience, which is exactly what Radio 1 wants. I used to be a super YouTube fan, but they never real feel right on the radio to me. :S
  2. I've always hated Jameela, especially when she was on T4and Playing It Straight, cuz I couldn't avoid her. She is goddamn annoying and whiny. So as much as I wanna listen to Scott, I really don't want to at the same time. Was it Jameela that was talking about seeing The Great Gatsby at the cinema the other day, and she was like 'there's this actor in it called Scott Fitzgerald who apparently is really good.' I cringed and had to turn off. That might have been someone else though, I'm not sure.
  3. Mate, I actually got PayPal spam today (I initially deleted it, but I am now looking at it now) - and I don't get spam that often. I won't bother opening it but I got it at 13:50 and it's from [email protected], asking me to solve a problem with my account (which is nonexistent, aha).
  4. Haha, is this thread still going on? Haven't been on UM for ages! I'm procrastinating revision now, so basically what sucks in my life:EXAAAAAAMS. I have done 16 so far, got another 5 left!
  6. To be honest, I don't listen to Radio 1 as much anymore - but it's always nice to hear Huw whenever I turn (he is always on). Seeing as I'm a MASSIVE fangirl, I'd love to hear more of Dan and Phil, or Matt - or even more Scott. In fact, let's just get rid of every other DJ. ESPECIALLY JEMEELA JAMIL EHJBGFHBJHJAGJFNCFVKCLD. P.S. I haven't heard Dev for years? Is he still on R1? I miss him
  8. I haz too many controlled assessments, and if anyone has ever done a science ISA, then you are incredible. I have my phsics, biology and chemistry ones coming up soon, and each one is worth 25% of the GCSE. Exams? I can deal with months of non-stop revision, but ISAs are something different. . . I hate Michael Gove. Also the OCR exam board are annoying.
  9. I love Grimmy to the max and Scott and Matt even more so, but yeah, I haven't listened to R1 properly for a year or so now. . .
  10. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for Matt, Tom Deacon and Dan and Phil. Amezzin' newssssssss. YOLO 2K12
  11. Rylan's more entertaining over Christopher any day. Although I like his Captain Jack-esque coat, he's boring (Scott doesn't like him either, 'too cruise ship') and Rylan's this year's Wagner / Jedward / Jonny Robinson. The X Factor is NOT a serious show imo. The other people on the show, who are all like 'it's my dream, my whole life', it's obviously not, because they haven't made much effort in trying to go about getting into the music business via serious means. That bloody Ella's the worst.
  12. One of my friends might have been… I'll post the picture of me and Scott sometime this week, when I can. xD
  13. Sorry, but I need to post again. Me and Rose (from this site) wrote him some fan fiction called '50 Shades of Orange' and gave it to him. He was actually genuinely pleased, I think. He said he could use it for his show, but I don't know if it'll come to anything. He was just so, so lovely! I was a shaking wreck and I could barely speak. I managed not to ask him to marry me. I honestly didn't know what to say or do, I just kept shaking, I squeled a lot and when he hugged me, I was so happy. Honestly the best day of my life. He was just so damn lovely!
  14. I was fourth in line! Can't believe how much of twat I am, started crying and hyperventilating and uh. And Rob, I saw you! You were at the front, right?
  15. Does that mean he's definitely having pictures taken? With his fans, I mean? And how busy do you reckon it'll be? How long will I get with him?
  16. I was tempted to get a train and follow him there, but I have managed to stop myself. I'm sure you'll manage to find yourself amongst other UMers somehow! xD
  17. I have no idea what you look like, but I will see you there!
  18. Castlepoint?! I can't wait, I cry everytime I think about it. I'm getting there as early as possible, do you think I'll be one of the first to get there if I show up at 9? What time will you be turning up? If you see a mental teenage girl, having masses of fangirl breakdowns, say hi. xD
  19. I've been waiting over a year for this. I've had crappy PAYG phones all my life and my iPod touch is three years old now, as well as cracked and broken. Now it's almost out, the cheapest deal I can find is £33 a month for 24 months, along with an extra £100 payment for the phone. *sigh*
  20. Thanks, Viv, I'll dust off my feather boa and get the glitter out.
  21. He's doing a signing near-ish to me. You don't understand how much I cried when I found that fact out. So… is it best to be the first person in the queue or not? Because I offended my mum by saying I'd rather go with my friends to see him (seriously, how am I meant to fangirl like mad with my mum there?) but my friends aren't exactly enthusiastic about going… The problem with loving someone to death is that along the way, you also bore your friends to death also. Plus it takes ages to get there via two buses. Next question: what do I say to him? I'm obviously gunna try not to say 'I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN, I LOVE YOU, AGGH.' but I might end up crying and saying it's the best day of my life. Also, can I bring him a present? I could bake him a cake or something? I don't know! And I could get a card as well… It's 53 days away, but I need to know the answers to these questions way in advance. I also need to pick out an outfit, etc. because this photo will end up being my Facebook photo for the rest of my life. I will be able to get a photo with him, right?
  22. I love him. He's amazing. Beautiful. Funny. Intense. I still remember his little speech when he lost. His cover of mad world was beautiful. He and Matt Cardle had amazing bromance. YouTube 'The Ballad of Maiden.' You won't regret it. He was my favourite for that year. Last year it was John (who only got to judges' houses), transferring to Marcus. Before that, as we all know, was Jedward. . . But I get one favourite every year and become OBSESSED with them. I cried so much when he lost. Whenever any of my favourites lose. My mum called him 'a din'. A din being a terrible noise, apparently. This was a long post. #sad
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