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  1. Just wondering as iTunes decided to stop updating. I have podcasts 30th December (and earlier) and then the 9th January. Am I missing any? I thouggh there were usually 5 a week but not seemingly getting any at the moment
  2. Apparantly iTunes likes deleting podcasts without permission. It seems that if you tell your phone to delete after listening then it deletes on the computer even if you have told iTunes to never delete (sigh). If it went into the recycle bin it might not be so bad but nope, and file undelete programs find nothing :cry: It's wiped out my Simon Mayo confessions. No internet site has an archive like what you do. Most annoyed. Luckily I managed to notice it and rebuild the Scott Mills I have except a few as follows: Tue 29 Jul 2014 Wed 30 Jul 2014 Thur 31 Jul 2014 Does anyone have any of these? Should be able to offer any other Scott Mills podcast if you need, I should have most Thanks, Andy PS I know it is totally off topic and somewhat cheeky but if anyone knows of an area on that there internet that holds Mayo confessions I would be interested to know
  3. Christ scared a colleague regarding a YouTube video pretending to be hypnosis. What was the video? Couldn't find a suitable search phrase
  4. Ah, thanks. sometimes a stand in does record a podcast but not in this case obviously. At least I haven't missed any
  5. It looks like I missed some podcasts least week. Unless they weren't released of course. were there podcasts on these days and does anyone have them perhaps? Thurs 27th Feb 2014 Fri 28th Feb 2014 Thanks, Andy
  6. Thank you very much, even with my incorrect dates!
  7. andym

    PayPal Spam

    That's exactly the message I got. I didn't want to say it but has the emails for this site leaked somehow?
  8. Not sure what happened but iTunes suddenly decided to show last weeks podcasts and then decided Monday's was too old and didn't download it :-( Does anyone have it please? I have most others I think so happy to exchange as needed
  9. andym

    PayPal Spam

    Just received spam email from "Paypal" to the email I created especially for this forum. Never used anywhere else. Am I the only one and they randomly managed to work out this email or could it be possible the email is somehow displayed on the forums here in a setting I have missed?
  10. I managed to leave iTunes turned off and when I loaded it discovered I was just too late for this Podcast. Does anyone have it available? Regards, Andy
  11. I'd be really interested in getting the podcasts.
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