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The Unofficial Mills Awards 2010 Results Thread


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Thank you all for voting in this years awards. The results are as follows:

Award 1: Funniest Forum Member.

Bronze: Annalie (13%)

Silver: Tom, Viv, MrDoovdeHaxorz (16%)

Gold: DC (26%)

Award 2: Best Newcomer.

Bronze: Kyle Y, Andy Mac, Annalie (14%)

Silver: MrDoovdeHaxorz (21%)

Gold: [sophie] (38%)

Award 3: Most Annoying.

Bronze: Annalie, Tyler1994 (14%)

Silver: DonnaDelDay (21%)

Gold: Viv (41%)

Award 4: Shoutbox King/ Queen.

Bronze: Behelzebub, MrDoovdeHaxorz, DarkAngelMJH (11%)

Silver: [sophie] (21%)

Gold: Viv (25%)

Award 5: Best Looking Male.

Bronze: MrDoovdeHaxorz, John, Mitchell (7%)

Silver: Kyle Y, Serin, Timsk, Andy Mac. (11%)

Gold: DC, Tom. (really?) (18%)

Award 6: Best Looking Female.

Bronze: Behelzebub (7%)

Silver: Krazy_Chloe, DarkAngelMJH, [sophie], Annalie, KingTutsWWH, Emma (11%)

Gold: Franzi (18%)

Award 7: The Geek To Meet.

Bronze: Jono, Viv, KingTutsWWH, John (7%)

Silver: Tom, Andy Mac (11%)

Gold: Aled, All of The Geeks (14%)

Award 8: Show Contributions.

Bronze: Viv, Tyler1994 (7%)

Silver: Andy Mac, Franzi (14%)

Gold: Jono, Tom. (29%)

Award 9: Most Dedicated.

Bronze: Tyler1994 (21%)

Silver: Viv (25%)

Gold: Tom. (32%)

Award 10: Best UM Tweeter.

Bronze: Stig (11%)

Silver: Tom (30%)

Gold: Jono (41%)

Award 11: Bitchiest Geek.

Bronze: Viv AKA Tom, Mitchell, Andy Mac (4%)

Silver: Viv AKA Tyler1994 (11%)

Gold: Viv (100%)

Award 12: Geekiest Geek.

Bronze: Timsk (11%)

Silver: R94N (14%)

Gold: Newsbeat (54%)

Award 13: Best Username.

Bronze: SanityNotIncluded (14%)

Silver: Behelzebub (18%)

Gold: Dan The Hedgehog (36%)

Award 14: Resident Weirdo.

Bronze: Annalie (11%)

Silver: Tyler1994 (14%)

Gold: Viv (46%)

Award 15: “Wurst Spallerâ€.

Bronze: Annalie (11%)

Silver: MyNameIsTyler, Tyler1994 (26%)

Gold: DonnaDelDay (37%)

Award 16: Best Avatar.

Bronze: Viv (7%)

Silver: Tom, MrDoovdeHaxorz, DC (11%)

Gold: Behelzebub, Stig, John (18%)

Award 17: Best Lurker.

Bronze: Jugalug,!?Serin, Grace (14%)

Silver: Kelly (21%)

Gold: Ratscallion (32%)

Award 18: Jono’s Special Prize:

Gold: Franzi: for “great stalking this year, got into the Daily Mail with it, and did tremendous work updating the podcasts this year.â€

Award 19: Lifetime Achievement.

Bronze: Tom, Viv (18%)

Silver: Behelzebub (25%)

Gold: John (39%)

Award 20: Champion of Champions.

(Worked out by getting 1 point for a Gold, or a fraction if shared. -1 for negative awards) with 2 points each:




Loser Of Losers

Viv (-2 points)

See you all next year for more awards!

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Thanx !! :hahaha: It wasn't as bad as I had expected!!

Have to say though, I will never understand HOW DC manages to consistently win the "Funniest Person" award. Despite liking DC and his vast musical knowledge, I never find DC even remotely amusing.


Delta Machine, Depeche Mode - buy NOW !!


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Ooh not a mention....

Oh yeah I've been missing nearly all of 2010. Thats what getting lost in the wilderness gets you! =P

At least you were nominated as UM bitch ;). Welcome back, you. :)

Thank you very much to everyone who voted for me. When do our medals arrive Tom?

'To disagree with three-fourths of the British public is one of the first requisites of sanity'.

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